Sunday, April 7, 2013


The expression on his face was frozen somewhere between amusement and confusion, and I wondered for a moment whether I’d crossed an unspoken boundary.  But then he licked his lips and looked at me.  “The same way you do,” he finally said, and taking my hand in a firm but gentle grip, he lowered it to a spot below his waist.

I allowed my fingers to explore, skimming over the scales that flowed over his flesh and gripping the hardness beneath.  Well, he felt “normal,” but I still couldn’t help wondering... actually, I was wondering a few things.  Not least of all, what the fuck is happening?

I’d been swimming.  The Oregon coast is not always the most inviting place; the Pacific can be brutal even when the waters seem calm.  But after three days cooped up in a chalet on the shore, while the local news broadcast warnings that the sea was not safe to bathe in, the moment that the swimming ban was lifted, I was out there.  Together with probably two dozen other people, which is why, after trying to avoid their splashing and shouting and general excitement for a lot longer than I considered fun, I struck out towards the rocks that stretched into the sea from the headline.

The sun was warm, the water - well, it wasn’t so cold once you got used to it.  The waves were gentle and I flipped onto my back, pushing myself along with my legs and just loving every minute.

And then...

And then, I still don’t know what happened.  A rogue wave?  A submerged rock?  Something shocked me out of my reverie, something pulled, or pushed, or dragged me, and I was struggling so hard to keep my face from going under that, by the time I realized that I hadn’t been drowned, I also realized that I wasn’t alone.

He was tall, blonde, bearded and smiling.  He was also a fish.  Half a fish.  A merman, I guess you’d call him if you’d spent too long reading fairytales.  Me - I just started, uncertain whether to laugh or scream. So I probably did both, and he just kept on smiling.  While soft hands caressed my body which, I realized with a sudden start, was propped up against his tail.  His fish tail.

“You are a stranger to our realm.”

I nodded.  Yeah, I guess I was.  Whatever his realm might be.  Frankly, I had him pegged as a fancy-dress lunatic, which meant my eyes were more interested in finding a way out of here, than taking in the walls that dripped with sea jewels, the fronds of kelp that hung like curtains, or even the two giggling girls who were looking in through a window.  And who, when they saw that I’d spotted them, flashed away with tails at least as startling as his.

“Then allow me to introduce you to my underwater home.  You will find it more beautiful than you ever dreamed.”

He spoke like a character from an especially overwrought dire fantasy novel.  But his voice was reassuring, regardless.  Maybe he was a nut who had constructed a fairyland out of old driftwood and seaweed.  But he’d done a nice job of it, I had to admit, and the way he’d arranged the lighting made it look as though we were really underwater.  I wondered where the generator was, and held my breath for a moment, expecting to hear it in the distance.

But there was nothing except from the waves around (above?) us, and then he spoke again, telling me I could ask him anything I wanted.  So I did.  I asked him the question that has baffled me ever since I first watched The Little Mermaid, and wondered from whence even littler ones come from.

“So how do mermen have sex?”

His answer should probably have outraged me more than it did.  Even at college, I don’t think I’d ever had a question answered by having an erection thrust into my fist.  Well, not unless I intended that to happen.  But everything else down here was so surreal, having my hand placed on a strange man’s cock was probably the most normal thing that had happened all morning.

“How does my home please you, my Lady of the Waters?”

I nodded.  “It’s beautiful.”  My hand was still on his cock, and I found myself curious to have a quick peek, to see if it was half as impressively huge as it felt.  But his eyes were on mine and I could not break his gaze.

“Perhaps my Lady wishes to see my personal chambers?”

His Lady would.

We swam through coral corridors, past fish that stared and rocks that shone.  His bed, too, was coral, layers of color that could not exist on dry land, folding and undulating beneath his body as he lowered himself down and then extended a hand.  “Join me,” he said, and his tail swept out, wrapping around my body as I sat, alive with a warmth and tension that felt...

That felt even more like a cock than the cock I’d been holding.

Hot.  Hotter than the rest of his body.  Firm.  As firm as flexed muscle, but yielding, too.  A diamond in a velvet sheath.  The tip of his tail stroked my hair like fingers, and I leaned forward to kiss him and his entire body tensed.

My tongue tested the scales that ran down from his waist.  Smooth as silk, bright as silver.  And each one tasting, feeling, reacting slightly different.  Have you ever... no, probably not.  I was going to ask, have you ever had four or five cocks in your face, and gently mouthed the head of each one of them in turn?  Each one so different, each one so strange.  And each one appealing in its own unique way.  Now multiply four or five by a number you cannot even begin to imagine.  Every scale on his body was like another unknown cock, and each one, as I tasted it, extended itself from his body.  Oh my god.  I wanted to see his cock.  He’s showing me a thousand.

He laughed.  “Now does my lady believe?”

“Actually,” I murmured.  “No.”

His tail was caressing between my legs now, brushing gently then lingering just long enough for one of those cocks to push into my folds, then retreat while others took its place.  Others swam at my asshole, the same gentle probing and pushing and slow penetration.  My naked body (where did my bathing suit go?  I had no idea) undulated against the scales that stroked and caressed me, and I turned my head to taste more cock.  Then moaned as one softly unfolded in my mouth, filling my face as full as my ass and my pussy, while his hands stroked my breasts and a mouth tongued my nipples.

A shoal of angel fish swam past, flickering across my body, tingling where they touched, their tiny mouths adding further tremors to the trembling scales.  I looked up and we were surrounded by them; they swam in my hair and darted across my vision.  Even with my eyes closed, their iridescence danced before me as I sucked and was fucked in voluptuous slow-mo... every movement taking an age to resolve, every thrust of his cocks feeling as though it might never end.  Until I came and realized that was only the beginning.  That the most shattering orgasm I’ve ever had in my life was just the mildest, the weakest, that would wrack my body today.

Focus!  If you don’t focus, if you don’t lock your mind onto one single thing, this entire experience will just be a blur in your memory.  I pushed aside (badly) every other sensation, and concentrated my thoughts on the cock in my mouth.  Correction.  Cocks.  I thought of sea anemones, how every tendril they trail has other smaller tendrils attached, and each of those has still smaller ones.  That describes the cocks.  Every cock had smaller cocks, and the smaller cocks had tinier ones, and not one of them was worried that it might not be big enough.  Because I could feel every one of them.

I could taste every one of them.

I saw a video once, on one of those tube sites, of  a girl sucking dick under water.  It looked amazing, especially when he came, and she opened her mouth to allow clouds of thick, milky white to float out.  It was also 100% fake, because it doesn’t matter how tight a seal you make with your lips, sooner or later the water rushes in.

I know because I tried it once, in a swimming pool late night at a friend’s birthday party.  I came to the surface, half choked and coughing, and a few days later read a news story about a girl who’d actually drowned off a beach somewhere, trying to do the exact same thing.

I was underwater now.  But I was not drowning.  I was devouring, and my tongue was taking mental snapshots of every vein, every ridge, every  line of his flesh.  I heard a moan and felt a squirt somewhere around my back teeth.  Oh my god.  One cock, one orgasm.  Five cocks, five orgasms.  I didn’t know how many cocks I was sucking right now but from the way his body was tensing, and the sound of his breathing and the cry that became a roar of sheer ecstasy...

Wow.  That was one helluva mouthful.  And it slipped down like a charm.

We lay together.  I don’t know how long he fucked me, or how many times we came.  I felt as though I’d gone a hundred rounds with any guy I’ve ever slept with, but as I ran my hand down my magical merman’s tail, I could still feel erections in the places I’d not reached.  Or that hadn’t reached me.  I thought about trying to finish them off, stroking with one hand while I nuzzled with my lips, but a hand in my hair shook me out of my reverie.

“That way lies madness,” he laughed softly.  “A very pleasant madness, but madness all the same.”  I must have looked puzzled, because he sat up and explained.  “I don’t need the kind of recovery time that a surface male requires.  We could fuck for the rest of your life, literally, and I’d always have a few that demanded your attention.”

Wow.  My kind of guy.  And I looked around as the lights grew brighter, and the distant hum that I thought was just some undersea phenomenon resolved itself into voices, and laughter and splashing.  I sat up on the rock where the sun had cooked me pink, and saw a gang of guys with surfboards just a few yards from where I lay.

One shouted over a “hi there,” and I raised a hand in salute.  He splashed over and his shadow felt cool as it fell across my body.  “Someone’s going to be sore tonight,” he smiled, nodding at my bright, broiled skin.  “Salt water and sunbathing really don’t mix, especially if you’re going to fall asleep.”

I looked up at him, squinting in the sun.  Tall, blonde, bearded, smiling.  He had on a pair of speedos that were probably a size too small, and the cold sea had clearly not taken its toll on their contents.

“I think I have some aloe back at the cabin,” I answered, and he waited just the right amount of time before replying, “well, let me know if you need help getting it in all the right places.”  And I recognized him then, as one of the guys in the chalet across from mine.

“Maybe I will,” I told him with my widest smile.  Because as he walked back to his buddies, and then plunged into the sea, I saw his body shimmer and those long legs disappear.  And I’d recognize that tail anywhere.

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