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Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Virgin Black Lace (April 22, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9780352345189
ISBN-13: 978-0352345189

includes GIRLS TALK by Chrissie Bentley


I guess I just wasn’t thinking straight.

I was so excited when he started to come, and the thin milky liquid gently seeped across his helmet, that I was already leaning forward, my tongue tip poised to taste him, completely forgetting there was more to come.

Spurt! Instinctively I flinched back.

Splash! A thick streamer lashed itself to my cheek. It was on my nose, it was on my lips, it was in my hair, and it was still pumping. Above me, Dave was groaning his ecstasy, and… I don’t know what I was feeling. A rush of excitement like I’d never experienced before. A sense of lust that I could not control. And a depth of hunger that only one thing could satisfy. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and clamped down on the end of his cock, feeling the spurting start over again as his hands closed around the back of my head, and he raised his hips to meet my face, moving himself inside me, fucking my lips and flooding my mouth.

I’d done it. After so many years of dreaming of this moment, after all those nights spent caressing myself to sleep while my mind conjured hot, hard cocks for me to devour, I had finally sucked and swallowed… yes, mustn’t forget to swallow it all… a man. And I loved it.

It was strange. Listening to my girlfriends talk, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s slimy, they’d warn. It’s sticky, they’d shudder. And it tastes of salt and old cheese. Maybe it is, maybe it does. I’m sure there are times when it really isn’t pleasant. Like, if he hasn’t bathed in a while, or he’s sweating a lot, or if you simply aren’t in the mood, but decide to do it anyway. But right here, right now, with my pussy screaming so loudly for attention that the juices were trickling down my leg, with one hand massaging my own breast while the other held his cock upright, and every other fiber of my being focused firmly on drawing as much of his magic as I could milk from his balls… fuck going for a slap-up feast at the ritziest restaurant in town. I could dine like this forever.

Dave was softening now, but I continued to suck. In fact, I was sucking harder now. As his thickness ebbed away and my jaw finally relaxed, now I could really go to town. I pulled him in deep, felt my nose brush his stomach; liked the way it felt and drew him in even deeper, enfolding his entire prick in my mouth while he just lay there gasping, his hands idly stroking my hair while I ground my face into his stomach and my mouth still clung onto its prize. And that felt good as well. Next time, I resolved, I would do it while he was still hard. I didn’t know how my mouth would accommodate his whole length, but now was not the time to worry. Details. I was going to deep throat this boy, even if it meant drilling a hole in the back of my head.

I sat up, looked him in the eye. Dave was still lying there, exhausted, his body a liquid pool of putty. I kissed him on the mouth, wondered if he could taste himself all over my lips, and what he was thinking as he did. I soon found out.

As ever with Black Lace titles, the quality of writing is superb, and there's something to surprise even the kinkiest of readers Scarlet Sizzling ... the most sexually explicit reading material available Cosmopolitan There's enough variety to please erotica fans of every taste ... titillating entertainment Romantic Times

Product Description
The creators of the bestselling Wicked Words and Quickies collections bring you Misbehaviour.
Leyda is short of cash but an indecent proposal could solve her problems... Mr Morrell is hotter than hell and he proves it in the stationary cupboard... When it comes to weddings it's best not to seduce the bridegroom... Lisa likes to meet married men, in groups... In this new collection of all original fiction, Black Lace proves there is nothing as exciting as a woman up to no good. And these red hot tales and passionate trysts will be sure to push your buttons. Be it at work, on the phone, in a hotel, on a highway with an officer of the law, in an alley, in a library, or just over at a friend's place, Misbehaviour explores a wide range of illicit and daring encounters between feisty modern women and their lovers.

Like all girlfriends it is common to talk about your guy and your love life, but Chrissie is having decidedly un-girlfriend feelings for her friend.

The writer of the erotic, Jenny, takes it upon herself to plan a surprise for their mutual friend Martha.

They discuss using Chrissie’s boyfriend for the Martha experiment, but when he comes down with a nasty cold, Jenny finds them a replacement. Since Chrissie has no desire to cheat on her boyfriend with another man, she is thrilled to finally get to experiment somewhere else.

A little naughty and a whole ton of fun is the basis behind this sexy little story.

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