Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sex On The Beach


includes CATCH OF THE DAY by Chrissie Bentley

Cocktales is a fabulous new series from Xcite Books that offers a quality selection of erotic stories with mixed themes. If you are looking for variety and the very best erotic writing then you will love these especially selected titles.


“Turn around.”

I did so, knelt expectantly on my hands and knees, my ass in the air, as he ran a hand gently across my buttocks and then slowly entered me from behind, pushing himself deep and then remaining motionless, so that I crouched, skewered on his organ. His hands clenched my sides and he began rocking me back and forth, while his own body remained as still as a statue.

I closed my eyes, allowed him to control my every movement… sometimes fast, until my pussy felt as though it was turning inside out; sometimes so slow that I thought his shaft would never end; sometimes so deep that every thrust sent my innards lurching; and sometimes so shallow that I could feel the rim of his helmet against my outer lips, and hear my hole sucking noisily at his glans.

Trusting one arm to hold both my weight and my balance, I reached the other between my legs, to cradle his scrotum. It felt heavy, sticky, hot… I imagined pressing my face to it, sucking at the skin before enclosing one ball, then the other, in my mouth. But he held me firm, groaning as my fist squeezed his sac. “Keep doing that.” I obeyed; when one arm tired, I switched, all the while conscious of the ever-changing sensations that he was drilling into my pussy – and drilling faster now, his own hips finally joining the party, to roll against my rocking.

I clamped both hands into the sand beneath us, slowed my own motion… I caught my breath, then hissed insistently. “I want to take your cum in my mouth.” I didn’t give him a chance to react; he slipped out of me as I whirled around, crouched, and plunged him into my mouth, his movements growing faster as I sought out his rhythm and rode with him. In and out he flowed, as I placed both hands on his hips, allowed him to sink as deep as he could into my throat, and taking him in my hand only when I needed to catch a breath.

I held the tip of his cock to my open lips, cradled it on my tongue, jerking his shaft with one fist, while the other reached for his chest, tweaked his nipples. I lapped at his leaking hole, thrilling to the conjoined flavors of my puss and his pre-cum, pulling on his prick all the time.

His hand fell on my head, holding it still for a moment, before pushing me back against the boulder, his body moving seamlessly with me, so that I never lost the tantalizing taste of his knob-end for a moment. Only when I was flat on my back once again did he shift, flipping himself around so that his mouth was at my pussy, and his cock was again at my lips.

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That.... (hand on my crotch)....... that was very.....(breath).......that was so hot, I want to have sex just like that.

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