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In London in the 1960s, pornography was a man’s world.

In the form of stag movies and blue films, it was viewed by men, written by men, directed by men and filmed by men. If they hadn’t needed actresses to play a part on camera, it would probably have been made by men as well.

And then a woman came along, and changed that world completely.

This is her story.

They didn’t come alone.

A girl was with them, and when I say she was adorable, she was adorable. Not much too look at, at first… I hated to admit it, but I’d developed the one thing I always swore I wouldn’t, a pornographer’s eye for talent, and she didn’t meet any of the criteria. Until she smiled.

Before that, she was nondescript. Pretty in a very vague way, nothing special about her hair or make-up, carrying more weight than I ever wanted to work with… it’s true that the camera can add half a stone, and the less clothes you’re wearing, the more that half stone stands out. If Kay had had an even mousier sister, here she was.

Until she smiled.

“I’m Liz.”

“Hi, I’m Tina. Nick and Kevin said…”

I glared at them. The only people who ever introduced themselves with the words “Nick and Kevin said” were the ones who’d been told I could put them in movies. But Nick stepped forward with his most innocent grin, read my mind, and said “really, no. We met her in the park up the road. She’s lost, she’s trying to get to… where was it?”

Tina named a street I’d never heard of.

“We told her we didn’t know where it was, but then I thought maybe you have an A-Z here? She could look for it there.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to be any trouble.”

“That’s okay. Except if there is an A-Z here, I haven’t got a clue where it is. I’ve only ever been here once before.” I cast an eye round the bookshelves and cupboards, all of which seemed full. And an idea began to form.

How do you tell a complete stranger that you want her to appear in a blue film you’re making?

You start by not having an A-Z....

REVIEW (from the Vintage Erotica blog)
LITTLE GIRL LOSTFirst, a word of warning – Little Girl Lost is one of the many stags that has come down to us without its intended ending, which means we never do find out if the weeping damsel whose sorry plight opened the film ever finds her way home. Neither do we discover which of her gallant rescuers makes the biggest mess. But enough has survived to know that they at least tried.

The film opens gently; rescued from a park bench by two smartly attired Lotharios, the shyly pretty brunette is taken back to their flat, handed a mug of tea and an A-Z guide book, and she’d probably have gone on her way soon enough had one of her hosts not thought it incredibly funny to whip out his dick and pretend to fuck her ear. Of course she catches him in the act and, for a moment, she reels back in surprise. But then she reaches out to grasp him and, with all three of the cast doing their best to suppress their giggles (and not always succeeding), she delivers a bj to be proud of. Teeth and all.

Of course his friend soon requires one as well, so while he plugs her at one end, his buddy gets to work at the other, and all goes swimmingly until… the film cuts out, and we are left with so many unanswered questions that you’ll never tire of watching Little Girl Lost, even if it’s merely in the hope that it will magically repair itself….

watch Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost can be found on the Blue Vanities DVD Classic Stags Volume 211 (thanks to my friends at Vintage Erotica for permission to reprint this)

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