Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Night

Last night I carried my anger home from work with me, I wore my mood like a shroud daring all to approach.
Last night my purple nails jarred my eyes, sharp reminders of my temper burning deep inside.
Last night I tended to my body; stripped my nails and soaked my skin.
Last night I emerged cleansed and shaved, body moisturised and soft to the touch.
Last night I sank into bed and wished my anger had been as easy to remove as the polish on my nails.
Last night he found me curled up in the duvet. He pulled me close and attempted to stroke away the pain.
Last night I was not in the mood.
Last night, I wanted to be left to embrace my darkness.
Last night he persisted.
Last night he snaked His tongue along my firmly set lips daring me to respond.
Last night he ran His fingers across my skin searching for my heart and soul.
Last night I melted beneath his tender caress and His loving eyes.
Last night my lips parted and I pushed out my tongue to entwine with his.
Last night his fingers stroked between my ribs pulling the blackness out of me.
Last night he seduced me with gentle words as fingers explored my flesh.
Last night my body betrayed me.
Last night my clitoris ached for his touch.
Last night his fingers wandered quietly across my stomach leaving quivering flesh in their wake.
Last night my pussy reached out to greet him while I tried to hold onto my anger.
Last night my trembling thighs parted beneath his touch.
Last night a spider's web of moisture stood guard protecting my throbbing need.
Last night he breached it with His fingers and fed my parted mouth with nectar of my own making.
Last night my soaking wet lips parted unbidden to reveal my liquid pink core.
Last night he buried His head between my wide spread thighs and sated his thirst.
Last night I was lost the instant His tongue slid between my lips.
Last night he attempted to drink me dry but soon everything was soaked.
Last night every caress of his tongue had me spiralling further out of control.
Last night the darkness of the day exploded into a thousand shards of light as orgasm after orgasm shattered my mind.
Last night every breath was a caress and every caress was unendurable pleasure.
Last night his tongue drove me to exhaustion.
Last night he filled my pussy with His fingers, sucking and fucking me beyond all reason.
Last night he inserted a finger into my arse leaving me filled front and back.
Last night I pleaded for the pleasure to end until I ran out of air.
Last night he was mine. I owned him.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, nice. :D I loved the "spider's web of moisture". A very sexy image.
So... what ya gonna do tonight?

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