Monday, November 14, 2011


Overheard by a friend in the supermarket check-out, where the prices are high and the girls are... uninformed?

"There's no way that a fifteen year-old boy could make sperm that could get a girl pregnant."

This has now become my second All-Time Favorite contraceptive misconception, but of course it still has a long way to go to catch one that, apparently, originated in the 1960s, with the widespread advent of luminous watch dials.

Break the glass and place the watch alongside his testicles. The radiation will kill the sperm.

"So, what time did you get pregnant, Marcie?"


Anonymous said...

In high-school I heard the story that one of the girls asked her mother if she could get pregnant from blowjobs. This was very interesting at the time since her mother was one of our teachers and the guy she was dating was the school "slut".

It's sad to say but society's failure to teach proper sex education means teen magazines for girls will be eternally reprinting "Yes, you can get pregnant the first time you have sex" for generations to come. :(

Tom said...

I think the myth about the watch was started by a watch repair company. ;)

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