Friday, April 6, 2012

Sex and Soccer Revisited

From the readers letters page in the latest issue of a UK soccer collectors magazine called Programme Monthly... thank you Brian!

Unless we are discussing player wages, programme prices and other financial obscenities, the terms "football" and "pornography" are rarely mentioned in the same breath. Googling Thames FC recently, I was very surprised to discover that part of their history features in an erotic novel. I regret to say that I have not yet read it - mu curiosity is still battling with the knowledge of what my wife would say if a copy of "Below Blue London" fell through our letter box. If the rest of the website is anything to go by, it should certainly put a few recent tabloid scandals to shame. Plus, following one of the links in the story allowed me to place a new book at the very top of my wants list, namely Dave Thompson's "Those We Have Loved." The author seems to be an American woman, which I must admit adds to my surprise. I wonder what else might be out there - "The Boot Room Secrets of Burton Swifts?"
Brian Quartermain

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