Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Fun To Swallow

Okay, confessions time. First, I love the subject; and second, one of my own stories appears within. And no, I'm not going to tell you which one, but I promise I won't be mentioning it again. Which may still disqualify me in many peoples' eyes from writing a fair review of the rest of the book, but I promise I'll try because... because I love the subject. And with just a couple of exceptions, I loved the stories within.

It's funny; it really doesn't seem that long ago that oral sex was considered one of those subjects that polite conversation would never embrace, and which polite girls had never even heard of. Even during my own schooldays, which came to an end in the mid-late nineties, blowjobs were something you whispered about... and reciprocal behavior (why has our language yet to come up with a single, simple word for that?) rarely even got mentioned. That's how far we've come in fifteen years; imagine how far we've come in fifty! I once read an early 1950s FBI description of a recently busted stag film. The fellatio scene was described as a deviant act, and one of the first stories you'll find in Going Down, Sylvia Lowry's "Etiquette," kind of dances around that same subject matter with its own narrator's questions regarding the nature of good manners.

The words (and I quote) "can you shoot your fucking come in my mouth" probably don't quite fulfill those requirements. But the upshot maybe does. "The damp blast of semen cascaded from my lips and onto my tits like vanilla creme anglaise descending onto succulent white cake."

Well, at least she wasn't wearing her work clothes. 

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