Friday, August 24, 2012

The Internet Rabbit. But will it answer your e-mail?

Okay, I’ll admit straight away that computers have come on a long way since the old days of staring at manuals for weeks, wondering whether you should have taken that course in pidgin-English after all; when new toys and devices were less “plug and play” and more “plug and fuck around for three days.”

But the time and energy that it took to get this thing up and running... not to mention the conscience-wrestling dilemma of wondering whether you really want to give your credit card details to a company who know exactly what you’re spending your money on.... Well, let’s just say you have to really want to try it out, if you’re going to go through all that.

A friend whose “partner” is someone she knows only through Second Life (and I’ll say no more than that) tells me her Internet Rabbit has improved her sex life beyond all recognition, and that now they’re searching around for a similarly operated Fleshlight for him. 

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