Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

He was asleep on his back when I woke up this morning. Dreaming of Amtrak from the sound of things. So I got up as quietly as I could, made the coffee, ate some of last night's pizza. New Year's Day is strange, it ought to feel like something special, because that's how everyone describes it... resolutions, promises, renewal. But it always feels like a non day to me, as though it's been shoehorned into the calendar for no reason at all, a freebie that doesn't count no matter what you do. Plus it's always boring so I went back into the bedroom.

He'd kicked off most of the covers, which is what happens when you leave the heat up all night. There was just a sheet covering him, so I pulled it tight around him and tucked it in, outlining his body, and tenting a little where his early morning erection rose against the cotton. I wonder....

Careful not to disturb him, I climbed onto the bed and lay my face against his cock, felt the warmth for a moment and the strength. Then I kissed him through the sheet and felt cheated not to taste a thing. But I licked my lips and opened my mouth wide around the bulge, sucking the sheet with his cock underneath, and this time there was just a hint of his flavor, soaking up as my saliva soaked in. I blew on the damp spot and he twitched in response, and I knew I was getting through to him. So I sucked some more, got the sheet good and wet, and loosened a little as well, so I could bunch the fabric around him and hold him upright while my mouth went around him.

I love sucking cock first thing in the morning. Even on non-mornings like this. It makes the day seem worthwhile. This was different, though, a mouth full of cloth with just the ghost of his taste behind it, but I'd started and so had he, because he was shifting in his sleep now, as my head bobbed on his prick, and I stopped quickly to look at him, to make sure he wasn't just pretending to be asleep. Then, when I'd satisfied myself I got back to satisfying him, moving faster, clamping my mouth around him and waiting for those tell tale jerks and that sudden brute force spasm that let me know...

I thought of whipping the sheet back and catching him in my mouth. But I was too slow. There was a pulse in the fabric and then his come came soaking through, not a flood or even a river, just a sense that something wet had just got even wetter. And that's when he woke up, looking at me as if to say "what the fuck?', and I laughed and told him Happy New Year.

Because it's going to be.

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