Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just a thought

Are you stuck at that computer again? Unbelievable. You’ve been there… how long now? And I don’t think you’ve even moved. You certainly didn’t notice me coming in, although that’s probably because I planned it that way. Where would be the fun if… oh! Sorry, I didn’t see what you were reading. Good, is it? Making you hot? I never used to understand what people saw in dirty stories, but I was probably just reading the wrong ones. Because it’s certainly having an effect on you, isn’t it?

That’s quite the cock you have there. Seven inches? Maybe eight? And I love the way it’s just standing there. Tell me, did you take your pants off before you sat down to read, or did you wait a while? Not that it matters. I’m pleased just to see you like this, one hand on the computer mouse and the other – what are you doing? Caressing the helmet with your thumb… oh, it’s sticky. Look, every time your thumb raises up, there’s a little string of liquid rises with it.

You still haven’t seen me, have you? Wow, that story must be a good one. Budge over, let me look… no, even better, stay where you are. I’ve just had an idea.

Okay, so I’m under your desk now. Damn, but there’s not much room here; I can’t even sit up without banging my head. It’s your knees that are in the way – hold on, let me just part them a little. Yeah, that’s better. And I’ll scoot forward a little...

No, I’ll scoot forward a lot.

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