Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sit on my Face

Couldn't sleep last night so I was messing around on my Facebook site when a message came through from a girl I've been flirting with... if you can call sending each other virtual orgasms and licks "flirting".... just a quick "hey, how you doing?" "Can't sleep," I hit back... "neither can I," she replied and it wasn't anything either of us had planned to do but suddenly we were firing back and forth our thoughts... wishes... needs... by the time I signed off, two hours later, I'd had three orgasms and felt as though I'd had my brains fucked out.

Cyber is weird, isn't it? While you're actually doing it, it's completely engrossing... you are there with the person, doing whatever it is you say you're doing, feeling everthing that they tell you you're feeling. It's only afterwards when you think about it, or read back through what happened, that a sense of unreality creeps in and you wonder how on earth you got so wound up... and then released. because those orgasms were real, believe me, and I didn't touch myself once. Well, not much more than once.

And then I thought, well is it any different to reading an erotic story, except instead of following someone else's imagination, you're allowing yours to help shape the story. How many times have you read something that is rattling along really well, only for it to then go completely off the rails when the characters start doing something that you don't want them to? Well here they only do what you say, so when I asked to have my pussy licked, it got licked. When I told her to bite my clit, she bit. And when she came with a fountain of delicious squirt, I caught more in my mouth than I've ever done before, and I loved every drop of it. Believe me, you don't get that in stories very often!

I'm still not big on cyber (so sorry if you were thinking of messaging me right now). But when the nights go on for far too long, and there's nobody else to play with... when even your toys look like dumb lumps of plastic... it's nice to know that there's someone out there who'' be happy to sit on my facebook.

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