Monday, March 7, 2011

Doing the Texas Four Step

A posting on my friend SunLover's page reminded me of my own contributions to the canon of cowboy erotica - a verse that I wrote to a theme of "The Streets of Laredo"...

It's short but I'd love you all to sing along....

As I was streetwalking the streets of Laredo
As I was streetwalking Laredo, I lay
With four hot young cowboys with cocks in their holsters
Four hot young cowboys who wanted to play

The first wanted momma, I gave him my nipple
The next wanted holding, to be told "it's alright"
The third came in buckets the moment I touched him
But the fourth was so hard that I had him all night

I sucked his cock slowly and deepthroated him wholly
I tasted his flesh, my jaw stretched so wide
His cock was a bronco that bucked with his climax
I opened my throat and I took him inside

So if you're streetwalking the streets of Laredo
If you're streetwalking, this may sound a bit strange
Ignore the three cowboys who hang out by the Walmart
And go for the one who says "I cum for spare change"

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