Friday, March 11, 2011

Thoughts & Themes for an Imaginary Movie

It’s the old, old story. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy meets girl again way too many years later, and discovers that not only is she still as beautiful as he remembers, and that the old feelings haven’t gone away, but they’ve been joined by a bunch of new feelings too. And the only thing that stops the couple from acting them all out on the spot is the fact that they not only live in different time zones, they’re in different countries… different continents, even. So they content themselves with private dreams, shared imaginings, and the occasional saucy e-mailed rejoinder, just to let the other one know they care. A lot.

I dreamed about you last night, and I swear, no-one’s ever done that like that to me before!

There’s definitely a movie there, a XXX rendering of Sleepless In Seattle, only he’d be a lot better looking than Tom Hanks, even if she is as beautiful as the young Meg Ryan. The ingredients are all in place, after all – the suggestions that only go so far, because he’s still too shy, or polite or well-mannered to tell her what’s really on his mind… and she is too, although she can certainly read between the lines that he writes, and when he ends a sentence with a row of dots, each one is a kiss, a lick, a bite, and she either feels or administers every one, depending upon where her imagination was last.

But he’s nervous as well, not wanting to damage a newly-reborn friendship by telling her what he’d really like to be doing, even if it is under the cover of darkness, because no-one can help what they dream about, can they?

I kneel between your parted thighs, my mouth against you, my tongue inside, and I bring you to the most sensational orgasm; then I rise above you with my cock in your mouth, while your hands drive my hips towards a climax of my own.

And so the movie rolls on, and the audience munches its popcorn, wondering when one or the other of them will finally step outside of the fantasies, and actually taste and touch and feel and fuck the real life fantasy that lives on the other side of their in-box. Because it’s getting too hot for them to do anything else, and they both know it’ll be wonderful as well. Even more than it would have been the first time they met.

But we’ll leave it there because we don’t want to spoil the ending and, besides, who knows if there’ll actually be an ending? Even movies can go on forever, especially if you know how to operate the pause button. And what about the additional features? The directors cut? The bonus disc? Even the packaging’s super-deluxe.

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