Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stop talking



“It’s my parents.”

“Your what?” I broke the kiss and glared at him. “You said they were away for the night.”

“I guess they came home.”

“Now what?”

“I’d better go down and say hi.”

“And what do I do?” I reached for my blouse and began pulling it on, thankful that he’d not done more than reach up my shirt yet.

“Shit, yeah.” He sat up. “You didn’t leave anything downstairs, did you?”

I glanced around. Jacket, purse, shoes... “no, nothing.”

“I’ll pretend to be asleep, then. They’ll go to bed soon enough, I can sneak you out then.”

Sneak? What are we, High Schoolers? I was beginning to feel like it, although that’s what you get for dating a 22-year-old guy who still lives with his folks. I’d even asked him about it once, but he just shrugged and said it was easier for him.

Yeah, easier until he brought a girl home for the night, and then get caught in the act.

“Look, maybe I should just go. Tell them I stopped by to borrow some CDs or something.”

He looked at the clock. “At 2 in the morning? No, just shush. They’ll be asleep soon.”

I sat up, then flopped back down again. Now I really did feel like a High Schooler, being told to “shush” in case I got us into trouble. Good job we had the lights off, I guess.

We lay there in silence for a while, listening to his parents moving around down stairs. Once he whispered an apology to me; once I hissed an exasperated sigh. But then I kissed him again and, as my hand slipped down his body to resume the gentle up-and-downing that I’d been doing before, I had a better idea.

If he didn’t want me to speak, then I’d make damned sure that I couldn’t. And we’d see how quiet he was able to remain, once he felt my mouth on his cock.

I lowered myself and, very slowly, closed my lips around him....

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