Friday, September 23, 2011

Adultworld... friends no longer?

Wondering whether anybody has heard anything about Adultworldfriends... the Facebook of Fucking that launched long enough ago to seem like it was going to stick around forever, but which seems to have vanished (or at least moved and left no forwarding address) within the last two weeks or so?

Sad to see it go (if it has gone) - there was a fun crowd of people on there, once you got past the inevitable front row of sad guys begging a date off anyone who even looked female, and some of the best home photo galleries on the entire net. Wish I'd saved more of them than I did but, like so many other gone-but-not-forgotten Internet sites, who was to know that one day it would be no more?

Anyway, for anyone who missed out on the fun, this is what it was all about.... and for the rest of us... where shall we go next?

And talking of disappearances... has anybody seen or heard from Drenched and Delicious in the two days since she posted "Dear God"? Because that site, too, appears to have disappeared....

What is happening here?

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