Friday, September 2, 2011

Googling Myself

"Have you been Googling yourself again?"

"Yeah, but just quickly before I went to sleep."

And this is what I found, although it's got nothing to do with me. I do love it, though!

Stop by and browse.

"Jenny Swallows, or Jenny the Skateboarding Finch, is the sworn enemy of Robat.

"I should've said this in Robat's bio, but he hates eggs and anything that happens to produce eggs. Jenny Swallows is quite popular for producing eggs because she's often a surrogate mother to those creatures that can't lay eggs. (poor mammals ;n
She's a hero to some, yep.

"Robat wants to kill her, the eggs she makes, and anything else that makes eggs.
yep even Platypuses.

"Did I mention Jenny is never seen without her skateboard? That's sort of important"

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