Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is supposed to be fun...

I intended writing another in my ongoing series of Clit-erion Collection movie reviews tonight but, for whatever reason, the mood I was in simply wasn't conducive with the earnest bumpkins and grumpings that were taking place on the screen. And when I say earnest, I mean the kind of performance that leaves you wondering whether you've been getting it wrong all these years, and sex really is meant to be enacted only between people who look (and sound, and even act) as though they either have a mouthful of sour fruit OR, they are on the verge of making a momentous discovery in the realms of world hunger or the end of all war...

And they could not crack a smile, or even relax their frown for a moment.

Truly, I have met REM fans who look to be having more fun than some of these people, and then I wonder... Omg, what would they lok like if they WEREN'T getting paid to have sex with someone who really isn't that bad looking?

That ended any pretense I had of getting some writing done, so I turned instead to the heady realms of amateur net flicks - and I promptly ran into this, one of the most delightfully fun and, as a consequence, ultra hot three minutes I have seen since... Well, since the last one.

Whoever you are,, anonymous girl and unseen partner, thank you! You reminded me what I love about sex films.

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