Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amateur Photography

Back in my college days… a boyfriend had just bought a camcorder and we were messing around with it. Well, one thing led to another…..

I never smile when you take my photo
Because my lips are in a perfect “O”
I can’t say cheese when you click the shutter
‘Cos your cock’s in deep as it will go
But my skin’s a-glow and my eyes are laughing
And if I bob my head back till there’s only half in
You won’t care that I’m out of focus
You don’t mind that my hairline’s out of frame
You’ll just shoot off all your pictures
And then you ask me if we can do it again?

I don’t have any lines when you make your movies
Because my mouth’s so full that I can’t talk
I never have to care if you catch my best angle
It all looks good when you’re sucking pork
Plus the camera loves me when I’m busy working
Though the film gets blurred when my left hand’s jerking
And when you cry “cut!” I know what’s coming
And the camera lens carefully catches it all
I laugh as I watch your cum go spurting
Then I bob back to suck the rest from your balls

I on’t have any problem when you start uploading
Because I love knowing people are watching me go
I spend hours on the website where you’re posting our passion
It gets me so hot just watching me blow
Then I study the angles and I check all the lights
And make sure that my gulping was caught by the mike
Then you put down your cameras
As I nuzzle your glans
Because this time, I promise,
You’ll need both of your hands

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