Monday, March 5, 2012

The Third Date Rule


The First Date
You’re cute, you’re sweet
Let’s take that as read
You ask me for an evening out
You didn’t mention bed
You picked me up and talked to me
We had a lovely meal
You pecked me on the cheek goodnight
Didn’t try to cop a feel
The Second Date
You dressed yourself as nicely
As you did for the first
You let me see you at your best
(Let me wonder what’s your worst)
Took my hand when we were running
To catch the late late metro
Then let go when we caught it
It was me who didn’t let you
Walked me to my front door
Kissed me on the lips
I had to snuggle right up close
To even feel your hips
Wrapped my arms around you
Cloaked your tongue with mine
I almost asked if you’d stay the night
But changed my mind. Next time.
The Third Date
The one where we ask the questions
That we’ve not cared about before
Like old boyfriends – shit, I’ve lost count!
I tell you three or four
The one where we get cozy
No matter where we are
Your arm round me in the restaurant
Your lips on mine in the bar
Your leg wrapped round mine for the cab ride home
My breasts safely cupped in your hands
Our lips superglued in an evening-long kiss
And mine on the bulge in your pants
Back at my flat, you look round the walls
See the diploma with my name upon it
“Are you really called that?” You ask with a smile
I say “yes”
And then I act upon it.

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