Thursday, March 15, 2012


What makes sex dangerous?

What makes your heart pound and your breath shorten?

Is the fear of shame the most powerful part of the experience?

These stories of women behaving badly show that what really counts is the twist on where you do it, who you do it with, what you do, and who might find out!

It girl Juliette attends a card game, and learns her virtue is at stake...

When fine art tutor Caro agrees to pose nude for her students, she never anticipated her disrobing would be so revealing...

At a desert auction, total ownership of Toni is the star attraction...


Janine Ashbless
Rachel Kramer Bussel
Elizabeth Coldwell
Ashley Hind
Primula Bond
Jennie Treverton
Valerie Grey
Penny Birch
and Chrissie Bentley... and here's a tiny excerpt from LOVE BITES

But there were good times as well… such as the first time he ever went down on me. I was absolutely astonished. Of course I knew all about it – like most healthy 17-year-old girls, I’d already read my fair share of articles, and even seen a few dirty movies, hijacked from my girlfriends’ brothers when they were off doing boy-things. But I was certain that those were the only places where guys actually did things like that and, as Lawrence’s tongue traced its way down my belly and thighs, as I realized with amazement that he was closer towards my pussy, I don’t know what shocked me the most - that it was actually happening to me, or that it was happening in such a normal room, in a normal house, in an excruciatingly normal town.

On the street outside, I heard a car drive past. Could the people inside have even dreamed what was occurring just 20 feet and a few walls away from them… could they have ever dreamed that I was lying there with my legs spread, and a tongue teasing around my cunt lips? And would they have believed it if they could?

He brushed my clitoris, and I almost screamed as I felt that nerve-jangling flicking for the first time, and every tiny movement of his lips and tongue sent a new spasm of ecstasy rushing through me. Desperate not to let the moment pass, I asked… begged… Lawrence to bite me there. Harder… please harder. Pleeeeeease.

He bit.

It hurt like hell, and I knew it would continue hurting for days to come; but that was the point. For as long as I could feel the stinging, I’d be able to remember that MY quim had been in HIS mouth, for a few voluptuous moments before he kissed his way back up my belly, then slid his cock inside me.

The memory flashed away, to be replaced by another one. Months passed; and we were fucking regularly, but his teeth remained a hard, sharp focal point of our love-making, long after I lost the need to feel them. In fact, it was getting to the point where I was actually dreading him licking me, because there was very little licking even taking place. Boys get blow-jobs; I was getting bite-jobs, and my pussy was sore and bruised from his attentions.

I suppose I could have asked him to change his tactics, but, like I said, I was young, and worried that if I asked him to stop, he might get angry, and never touch me again. One night, however, was different; one night, he treated me to a true eating-out: Warm, wet and rhythmic, with all the smooth, loving gentleness, and sense-shattering expertise that that entails. And, when I came - for the first time in his face – he clenched my ass and held me tight to his face, so that my frenzied gyrations smeared juice all over him. And, when it was over, and I lay back in absolute bliss, he raised herself and looked me in the eyes. Then he whispered, “you’re delicious.” All I could reply, as I lay in total shock, was “so are you.”

The following week, he dumped me.

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