Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Diary of Discovery (part one)

I hope everyone has been keeping up with the conversations on Secretly Naughty’s blog (if not, you should), because she’s made me think a lot about attitudes towards fellatio – particularly my own.

I don’t think anyone reading this needs reminding about my thoughts on the subject but I’ve been thinking about it and trying to remember NOT when I discovered I enjoyed it, but how I discovered that people even did such a thing.

Well, I was young… it was well before I started High School, in the earliest days of what passed for sex ed lessons in the early 1990s, and maybe even a little before that. Some girlfriends and I were discussing how a woman got pregnant and one of them announced, very knowledgably, that there were two ways, “in your hole or in your mouth” (or words to that effect).

Which seemed so logical that nobody argued or even thought about it. We just took it for granted and the funny thing is, once those sex ed lessons started, our teacher didn’t say anything to the contrary. In fact I distinctly remember asking her pointblank about it and the answer coming back that it didn’t matter where he put his penis, the boy should always wear a condom. And what were condoms for? To stop you getting pregnant.

Do any of the ladies here remember their first ever encounter with a condom? Mine was after school one day when a friend produced one she'd found in her brother's coat pocket (!) and we spent a memorable evening being utterly grossed out by the smelly, slippery, slimy, floppy thing. The thought of having one in my pussy was revolting enough, the idea of having one in my mouth was absolutely disgusting.

I made up my mind there and then that I did not want a condom, and therefore a cock, anywhere near me. And the funny thing is, I stuck with that resolution for a long time.



ProfessorC said...

Such a sad way to learn about sex...what wrong notions you had to carry around for such a long time.

Jenny Swallows said...

Sad? I think it's incredibly funny. Plus, at that age (11 or 12), a little misinformation is probably a good thing.

I'd figured out the "truth" long before I needed to know it, but one thing hasn't changed. Condoms still look/feel/taste disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I have discovered a way to get over the disgusting rubbery taste is flavoured condoms in my handbag I carry a selection of chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla for just those occassions when a condom will be required.

I also have flavoured lubes ie wild cherry and pina colada

thanks for pointing your readers my way :)

it has been interesting reading the different points of view


Jenny Swallows said...

Flavored condoms... they were definitely worth a try, but there's still that foul after taste.

Mike said...

Nice post. Made me think of the first time I discovered condoms with my friend M back when we were about ten. We found them in his dad's closet and - I don't know how we knew, but we knew what they were for, or at least we knew that you had to put them on your penis, which we did. We each lay on one of his sister's beds and jerked ourselves off into the condom - both of us too young to come, but me still wanting to make a competition of it!

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