Friday, January 14, 2011

The Clit-erion Collection... Billie - American Porn's First Superstar

Building the ultimate porn library, one great flick at a time

There's a string of short "loop" style movies that were made, I think, in the late 1960s (or very early 1970s), all of them starring the same very distinctive blonde girl... Billie, according to their various titles, and I mention her because - well, I was watching them with a friend the other evening and it dawned on me that these were among the very first porn films I *ever* saw, that weekend when my best friend's parents were called away to a family emergency, and she and I wound up in her father's den, rummaging through his closets, when we stumbled on some old VHS tapes.

At the time, it what we saw that impressed us. But what stuck with me was the sheer amount of fun that the titular Billie was having. It's a cliche to say that a lot of women in porn look dour and unhappy, or at least bored off their tits. But it's true, and you only have to spend an evening watching them to realize that.

Billie, however, is having the time of her life and, what's more, she made her own fun; playing to the camera, but doing so in a way that actually drew you into the action, rather than holding you at arm's length like a lot of the girls who try that wind up doing.

Plus, she is beautiful... plus, she has a body that anyone reading this would probably die for. Plus... well, if anybody here has seen the mid-70s movie version of Autobiography of a Flea, and feasted their eyes on the lovely Jean Jennings... I don't know for sure, but I'd swear that Billie too.

(Her other movies include: Auto-Erotic Practices, Case of the Full Moon Murders,
Defiance of Good a.k.a. Defiance, French Kittens a.k.a. Hollywood Goes Hard,
Sharon, Solo Girls, Sweetheart, Virgin Dreams a.k.a. Beginner’s Luck and Virgin Snow)

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