Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Testing the Testes

Another of those remarkable images that my friend the Naughty Professor seems to find with such ease, and a reminder that there is so much more to sucking cock than simply sucking cock. And this specimen is an especially handsome example, even if the makers' name on his briefs takes the whole scene out of the erotic and into the realms of human billboards.

So that is today's challenge. You are in the penthouse office of some big Madison Avenue ad agency... think Madmen if you must... . Or maybe in conference with Darren Stevens and Larry Tate. The client loves the imagery; all you need now is catchy slogan.

In fourteen words or less... one of which must be the makers' name... how would you use this photograph to sell the world these so-stylish briefs?


Oversexed Librarian said...

Duergo: Wherever she goes.

William said...

For men with more than a mouthful.

Inferno said...

Every woman wants what is kept in devergo's.

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