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The Clit-erion Collection... Five Hot Stories For Her (2007)

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Is it really almost six months since I posted Erika Lust's Handcuffs movie, with the recommendation that it was the most erotic film I'd watched in a long time? Yes it was, and I can thank "heightened security measures" for the fact that it's been a month since Christmas, and a gift that I was expecting on December 25 only arrived yesterday. Accompanied, of course, by the giver's profuse apologies....

Five Hot Stories for Her is a collection of, indeed, five hot stories written and directed by Erika Lust and, according to her website, it won Best Screenplay at the Festival of Erotic Cinema in Barcelona 2007, Best Film for Women at the Erotic E-Line Awards (Berlin 2007), obtained an Honourable Best Mention at the CineKink Festival (New York 2008) and was awarded Best Movie of the Year at the Feminist Porn Awards (Toronto 2008).

Five stories. JODETECARLOS.COM is hilarious, the vengeance-dripping tale of a wife who comes home to find her famous soccer playing husband in bed with another woman. She gets her own back by filming her own specially arranged liaison with two of his team mates, and then posting the results on the internet. SOMETHING ABOUT NADIA is an extraordinarily beautiful lesbian twosome, set around the fantasies of two different women, and MARRIED WITH CHILDREN is a BDSM epic highlighted by what might be the most arousing image in the entire package... collared and leashed, the girl is on all fours while her masked lover fucks her ass. Whatever your feelings about the physicality of all that, the visual itself is amazing.

THE GOOD GIRL is - well, she is good! And BREAKUP SEX... I have to admit that I'm not big on gay male porn, and any hopes I had of picking up some blowjob tips from the two male leads (well, there's always something to learn) were shattered when I realized that their enthusiasm was not matched by their expertise. But the filming was as beautiful as the rest of the disc, and if the dubbed English dialogue doesn't always convince... well, that's my fault for not speaking Spanish, the movies' original language.

What do I love about Erika Lust? The fact that she shoots good porn. We are so accustomed today to the best film-makers trying to "push limits," by introducing increasingly bizarre - and, very often, decidedly non-sexual - scenes into their work that, at first, it seems strange to be watching a modern movie which doesn't insist on its heroine orgasming whenever her Tattooed Love Muffin hawks a loogie into her asshole.

Lust looks at lust in its "natural" state... MARRIED WITH CHILDREN is as far as it strays from "conventional" sex, and there the beauty of the situation outweighs any unfamiliarity that might be present. The cast are generally good looking but not so much that you sit there looking for the surgical scars; the sex is hot but never loses sight of enjoyment. And I went to bed last night without any doubt at all as to what I'm going to do this evening.

I'm going to get laid.


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