Monday, January 3, 2011

my New Year's gift from Kristen Shigh

One of my all-time favorite writers and artists, Kristen Shigh, sent me this as a New Year's gift... and then gave me permission to share it with you.

Read more of Kristen at but read one of her best short stories here. And Kristen? Thanks! You're the greatest.


…In the passenger seat of his car, his underwear smelled faintly of urine. His cock was small but warm and hard. Hungry. Like he could probably fuck all night. Salty, like maybe he had sex recently and not washed his cock. I imagined that to be true as I took him in. FUCK I like it dirty.

His car smelled of stale cigarettes. It turned me on.

Everything about it turned me on. Maybe, I am just in love with sucking cock. I thought about every poem Jenny has ever written. God, I love her! God, I love sucking cock! I wished she was watching me. Would I impress her? His body began to twitch. The thought of impressing her calmed my gag reflex. I took him all the way in and flailed with my throat.

"Damn, girl. Your good."

Fuck, I AM good at this.

"Slow down there little girl."

"Little girl, FUCK you! I don’t wanna slow down. I wanna make you cum, you mother fucker!" I thought as I inhaled him whole. "I'll show you what a little girl I am."

His body began to twitch. I knew it was coming. I knew it. I was going to make this mother fucker cum.

He was exhaling quickly. His cock throbbed in my mouth. Any second now… Give it to me… Gimmie. He let out a loud moan – warning me he was going to cum. Like. I didn’t know that.

He twitched a final twitch and shuddered a final shudder as he released an ample load. I swallowed without hesitation -- nothing to it -- just enough to make me want more. I looped my finger round the door handle. The dome light flashed on wholly breaking what mood there was. I leaned in and gave him a breathy thank you, so he could smell the cum on my breath. He looked dejected by my sudden departure. I felt triumphant. Make an exit, girl.


Veritas said...

Now THAT was intense! Nice to see inside your thoughts and an incredibly hot story, TY

happy swinger chick said...

Very hot! love the empowerment!


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