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I Love It when he stops the car

WHY? Why do you think??


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The Clit-erion Collection: Gia - Portrait of a Porn Star (2010)

Building the ultimate porn library, one great flick at a time

First things first. If you want your porn to have a happy ending, Gia is not for you. If you want it to tell no more story than can fit on a pinhead; if you think character and personality are decoded by how many cocks a girl can take at once; and if you want to get down to all those nasty things that your own partner won’t let you try... you guessed it. Gia is not for you.

If, on the the hand, you watched and maybe wept through Angelina Jolie’s performance as Gia Marie Carangi... yeah, a porno version of that struck me as a fairly gruesome prospect too, so rest assured, the name really is the only similarity. Well, that and the story arc, following a beautiful young model (Sunny Leone) from her so tentative introduction to the worlds first of glamor modeling, through topless and nude, into porn, onto stardom - and then the classic Hollywood ABC: addiction, burn out, collapse and death. None of which is portrayed with anything less than sensitivity, drama and, dare I say it, class?
read more at Eden Fantasys

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Control the day, surrender the night.

A collection of explicit erotica about the thrill of power games, erotic control and submitting to the passions of a lover.

The pleasure of surrendering to the will of another, or others, is unique. But who is really in control and who calls the shots? From the head games to the heart flutters and the shivers of pleasure on your skin, this collection of explicit erotica explores the fantasies and experience of female sexual submission.

Whenever Cate is summoned to her boss's office, the door remains closed for a very good reason...

The rules are very explicit whenever Matilda visits the gentleman of the Windsor Club...

At the manor, the thrill for Saskia is a rare kind of obedience...


Rose de Fer
Elizabeth Coldwell
Kat Black
Willow Sears
Primula Bond
Kyoko Church
Charlotte Stein
Terri Pray
and Chrissie Bentley... and here's a tiny excerpt from A DIFFERENT KIND OF TENSION

My hands pulled at the cuffs; if I was going to do this, I’d like do it properly. But they remained trapped, and the movement only alerted Terry. “Oh no, you’re here until I’m finished with you,” he said; then, withdrawing himself from my still stubbornly tightened mouth with a light plop, he commanded, “wider. Open it wider.”

I shivered a little… I don’t usually get off with a man who plays the master, but Terry did have me at a disadvantage. I obeyed and, for a moment my jaw just hung, as he held his rod just an inch or so away, allowing my nostrils to absorb his scent. Instinctively, I craned my head forward, to take him into my mouth again… he certainly knew how to play this game, I thought, and I felt my own loins quiver warmly as he began to push himself forward, forcing my mouth even wider, scraping against my teeth, pushing my tongue to one side. He wasn’t huge, probably no more than five inches, but he had a lot of circumference, a fat, meaty roll of hardness that was bumping against the very back of my mouth. “Now I’m going to fuck you properly,” he said. “Like I should have done before. ” And, with slow, methodical strokes, he began to do just that, his eyes closed in rapture as he slipped in and out of my mouth.

His hands were caressing his balls; with every thrust, his sac slapped against my chin, reinforcing in my mind the position I was in, at the same time as I felt myself pulsing in time to his movements, finding an excitement in my predicament that even my occasional bondage fantasies had never aroused. If he’d only let me speak for a moment, I thought, I’d tell him what I want him to do… reach behind to touch me, finger me, fist me, anything. And then I heard a door open, footsteps, another voice… and the pulse became a galvanic throbbing that was quaking through my entire body.

“Who’s your friend?” It was a woman… I struggled to place the voice. It was Sara, the fiancĂ© who’d fled, the heartless harpy who broke his heart…. What the hell was going on here? For a moment I imagined myself being caught in the middle of some knockdown fight between two bitter ex-lovers… a trophy for one to bait the other one with. But that was before Terry answered her.

“You know who it is. One of those sluts from your whorehouse downtown.”

She leaned over to look at me, her eyes flashing a spark of recognition, but that was all – we’d never been friends, just workmates; I doubted whether she even knew my name. Instead, she went along with what was clearly Terry’s fantasy, the embittered whoremaster making free with a rival Madame’s merchandise. “Oh, and one of my favorites as well,” she pouted. “Please don’t scar her pretty face, I won’t earn half as much from her ass if you do.”

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Becoming another person to fulfil a fantasy that you dare tell no one about, ever, is an enduring sexual fantasy, so we’ve put together an erotica anthology featuring explicit stories of getting away from it all to do your own naughty thing.

Being married but meeting a stranger in a motel room, getting hooked on a test for an unusual product, returning to an ex for great sex while every instinct screams stay away from him!, going too far with a husband’s best friend, getting caught in the web of a dominatrix ... just a few of the thrilling private moments revealed in My Secret Life.



“He just walked out of the bathroom, straight over to the bed, stuck his dick in my mouth and told me he wasn’t going to take it out until I told him what was wrong.”

Helen paused; I gasped. “So what did you do?”

“I sucked him dry!” She laughed and took another drag on her cigarette. “It had been so long, I thought I’d forgotten how to do it. But it’s amazing how quickly things come back to you when they’re… shall we say ‘staring you in the face’.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. The last time I saw Helen and Terry together, I’d have laid odds on their marriage not lasting another month. They barely spoke, they never looked at one another, and anybody who didn’t know them would have said they were complete strangers, who just happened to be at a party together. Suggest they’d been married for 14 years, and you’d have been laughed out of sight. But they had, and the sad thing was, there was a time when they couldn’t keep their hands off one another.

That was a long time ago, though, and I think most of our friends knew that things had been going downhill between them for a long time. Now, however….

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Hot Head and How To Write It

It’s interesting just how many acres of print have been devoted to oral sex, and now that Pat Robertson has declared that it’s “fine (so long as you’re married),” no doubt there will be many more appearing in the near future. More than any other act, oral sex haunts the written word, just as it haunts the porn movie industry - a blowjob, after all, is probably the most visual act of them all, after all, and let’s be crude and admit, nothing says “uhhhhhh, I’m cumming” like a facial.

On paper, the relationship is more subtle. Here it’s words that paint the pictures, and the writer (and the reader)’s imagination that provide the details, which means that the action should be very well painted in order for everything to go as planned. And truthfully, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

read more at Eden Fantasys.

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A great short stories competition is just winding down over at Domidollz, and there's some great competition entrants as well. Mine is here, but there's a heap more to enjoy as well - so what are you waiting for?

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Beautiful Cocks and Other Hot Searches

Ever wondered what people are really looking for when they type odd things into Google? These are the Top Twenty search terms that have led visitors to this site*. And I'm happy to be here to help them!

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The Nympho Librarian meets Lulu

The Nympho Librarian and Other Stories is now available on Lulu!

also available for Kindle, Nook and in print

Eleven scalding tales of lust and love in the halls of public learning - the town library!

The sex is hot, but the librarians are hotter, as authors Chrissie Bentley and Jenny Swallows reveal the lip-smacking truth about what goes on behind (and on top of, and around as well) the bookshelves.


BUY IT NOW from Kindle just $2.99
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Sex and Soccer Revisited

From the readers letters page in the latest issue of a UK soccer collectors magazine called Programme Monthly... thank you Brian!

Unless we are discussing player wages, programme prices and other financial obscenities, the terms "football" and "pornography" are rarely mentioned in the same breath. Googling Thames FC recently, I was very surprised to discover that part of their history features in an erotic novel. I regret to say that I have not yet read it - mu curiosity is still battling with the knowledge of what my wife would say if a copy of "Below Blue London" fell through our letter box. If the rest of the website is anything to go by, it should certainly put a few recent tabloid scandals to shame. Plus, following one of the links in the story allowed me to place a new book at the very top of my wants list, namely Dave Thompson's "Those We Have Loved." The author seems to be an American woman, which I must admit adds to my surprise. I wonder what else might be out there - "The Boot Room Secrets of Burton Swifts?"
Brian Quartermain

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Ways Are Best

I knew he was coming long before he said anything. I could feel it building in the balls that tightened in my hand, in the sudden tensing of his cock as it strained against my jaw, and in the barely perceptible sensation that he’d grown an extra half-an-inch, as though preparing to leap down my throat.

My fingers clenched around his buttocks, holding him tighter, drawing him closer and, as he called, first my name, and then a sharp word of warning, my throat opened up to accept the coming flood. And then he was gone, jerking out of my mouth with such violence that I almost toppled forward, while his seed spurted thick and white across his belly.

“Wow, that was close!” he smiled. “I’ll try and give you a bit more warning next time.”

I smiled and kissed his chest. A true gentleman – or as much of a gentleman as a guy could be, with his balls banging against somebody’s chin, and his prick rammed down their throat. Looking back, I should have said something there and then. But it didn’t seem necessary. I’d get him next time.

Or the time after that. Or the time after that….

It’s strange, but the longer you live with someone, the harder it becomes to tell them your fantasies. I don’t just mean the weird “I’m an Amish milkmaid, you’re a Viking stormtrooper” ones, because I’ve never really been able to get into those. No, I’m talking about the common-and-garden “I wish you would…” things that cross everybody’s mind when they think about their lover, but which we keep to ourselves because… why?

You know exactly what I’m talking about. When you’re in that first flush of lust-driven romance, anything goes and, if there’s anything lacking from your love life, it doesn’t seem to matter because there’s so much more to discover. And there’s always tomorrow night, as well. But the days turn into weeks and suddenly three, six months have passed you by, and now that need isn’t simply unfulfilled. It’s eating you alive. And, somehow, you can’t say a word about it.

Relationships are strange. Again, in those first few weeks, you go out of the way to seem perfect. You don’t fart, you don’t inadvertently twirl a finger around in your ear… I know one girl who won’t even use the bathroom until she’s sure the romance is stable. But soon enough, you’re scratching and belching like an old married couple, there’s panty-pad wrappers in the bathroom wastebin, and you’ve even heard him pee with the door open.

But not every barrier comes crashing down. Some go up, and the sexual ones are usually the first to raise. Once you’d have thought nothing of suggesting… well, whatever…, secure in the knowledge that your partner would leap at the chance to do it. Now you’re not so sure, because you know them better, they know you, and the dreaded word “no” is no longer taboo. Neither is “yuk,” and I’m not sure which would bother me more. Probably both of them together.

Richard and I had been dating since January, when we met at a party thrown by mutual friends, and those first few weeks were so phenomenal that it was ages before I started to notice that there were certain places he wouldn’t go, and even longer before it started to bother me. Once the idea was in my head, though, there was no way of shaking it out.

Like I said, it took a while before it started bothering me. We’d settled down for the night, and I was almost asleep when I realized that what I thought was a knee digging into my back was actually an erection. I reached an arm behind me and stroked a finger up its length, and was rewarded with such a sweet, gentle, groan that I knew he must be feeling as sleepy as I was. So I rolled over and, laying my head on his stomach, began simply nuzzling at him, feeling his thick helmet resting on my lips as my tongue flicked slowly across it.

His hands were in my hair, carressing my scalp, and exerting just enough pressure that I knew he wanted my lips to slip lower, to take him deeper into my mouth. I did so, feeling a tingling in my belly as his flavors swirled on my tongue, and my jaw opened wider to accommodate him.

His breathing remained gentle, belying the strength of his cock as it strained against my mouth. I shifted my weight a little, tightening my lips around him as I raised him up, alternating smooth bobs of my head with the sucking motion that I knew drove him crazy. My fingers were on his balls, swirling in time to my tongue, and drifting closer and closer to his ass. And then that familiar twitch, that unmistakable tensing of every muscle in his body… my finger jammed hard into his anus – and he was away, rolling out from beneath me, while his ejaculation fountained onto my shoulder, and his mouth cried out his ecstasy.

And I just lay there feeling drained and empty, cheated of the greatest prize that any man can give his lover. But you know what? I have patience. He won't elude me forever - and when I do catch him and his come in my mouth, I'll make sure he enever wants to go back to his old ways.