Friday, July 30, 2010

Sucking A Stranger

Another oldie. One night stands were my lifeblood for a long time, but there seems to be a lot more single creeps running around these days. There was a time when I could usually rely on meeting someone when I went out, whether I wound up in bed with them or not. These days I spend more time ducking guys and pretending I’m deaf. And tell me, when did male personal hygiene become something to be avoided at all costs? “Hi, you’re cute. Call me when you’ve showered.”

I see him each morning on my way to work
Cute in a business-like way
But it's not the collar and tie that are catching my eye
It's the big sign that says "hey, come play!"

He sits at the back and his stop's just before mine
And he tries hard to use his briefcase
To obscure his wood, but it isn't much good
Cos the thing still stares me in the face

I don't know his name, don't know where he's from
All I know is the damp in my cunt
When every day as he's coming my way
It sees the tentpole he keeps down his front

I'd love to reach out as he's passing me by
Stop him and stroke it a little
Then quickly unzip and take out that prick
And give it a good morning nibble

I'd ignore the commuters all staring aghast
As the driver cranes round for a look-see
I'll suck till I know that his cum's gonna flow
The cream for my first cup of coffee

He asks if I'll dance, he smiles, I say yes
It's a rocker, I can't see the harm
I put out my cig, and lay down my drink
And I lace my hand tight round his arm
The first number ends, another begins
It's slower, we hug, close our eyes
I cling to his shoulders, enjoying his warmth
And a red hot heat hard on my thigh

I'm holding him tight now, feeling him grow
He dances well, smooth, hey - he's cute
But there's something familiar about him. I know!
It's the guy from the bus! In the suit!
He pauses a moment, adjusting his stance
Does he think if he moves I won't know?
But I don't think I'll let him get off quite that fast
No, I'll get him off nice and slow

My hand's slipping down from his back to his waist
Then slides round his side to his tum
My first finger dips down inside his waistband
Makes contact! I send in my thumb
His hand touches mine as he loosens his belt
My finger and thumb grip his tip
And gently rub at the velvety warmth
As his pre-come leaks out, warm and slick

I know he wants more - oh fuck, so do I
I push my hand down to grasp more
His pants have pulled open, I'm jerking him hard
And a few people have seen us, I'm sure
I pull him in closer and hitch up my skirt
Grip his hard cock tight with my thighs
And now with each thrust we're both getting closer
And the music can't bury our cries

He's giving me head while I lie on the bed
He fucks me some more while I kneel on the floor
I half crouch, half sit while he shoots on my tits
We run out to the store, then he fucks me once more
Now we're lying here quiet, my head on his tummy
His cock's soft. I smile. He asks "what's so funny?"
I tell him what I thought the first times I saw him
How the sight of his cock used to brighten my mornings

He laughed, said he hoped I was not disappointed
I said "well, in one way, I've not got what I wanted"
"What's that?" he asked, and I reached for his prick
"A taste!" I replied and I gave him a lick
He's stroking my hair as I kiss him down there
He lets out a faint groan as my lips start to roam
His hips give a buck as he feels the first suck
And I can't help but moan as I feel him slide home

So salty, so cum-soaked, with the sweet taste of pussy
I slurped on his helmet, felt him swell as he pushed me
Felt the ridge bump my teeth then I dip my head lower
Took him into my throat and my motions grew slower
I've waited all night for my chance to go south
I worship and relish the man in my mouth
And when he cums, and my throat is still thick with his lust
Maybe I'll tell him what I want to do on the bus

Finger his ass while he's showing his pass
Let him blow on my hooters in front of commuters
Unzip him and blow him while the bus driver's slowing
And then make him pop as we get to his stop
But I doubt that I'll ever see him again.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss - Revisited

I posted this one back in March, but there's been BIG NEWS since then... "The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss" is now the title of, and the first story inside, an upcoming collection of short stories, all about your first ever taste of oral sex.

The book will be out around Christmas time, and the editor is still accepting contributions until the end of August, so if you have a tale to tell, check this out.

And here's that kiss once again.

The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss
Lips are for losers, tongues are for words
Kissing is something I leave for the birds
Don’t want to snog you, I’ll give that a miss
All I want to give is the bad girl’s sweet kiss

Be my sweet Valentine? Don’t make me sick
Let me wrap my mouth round your hot, rigid prick
Let me suck you off, let me suck you in
Let me give you a shot of sweet bad girl kissing

Feel your tight flesh as it slides through my lips
Taste your hot scent as my face meets your hips
Feel my throat gasp as your breath starts to hiss
Swallow you whole in my bad girl’s sweet kiss

Let my tongue play while your flesh starts to buck
Let you know it’s my mouth that I want you to fuck
Those girls that don’t like it don’t know what they’re missing
They’re good girls, the fools, sweet bad girls like kissing

Your helmet is banging the back of my throat
I have no gag reflex, just BANG ME, don’t poke!
Don’t tell me you love me, cos I know where you piss
Just bruise me as I give the bad girl’s sweet kiss

You’re trying to jerk but my jaw holds you tight
My hands on your hips and your cock’s out of sight
You’re starting to come and I’ll drink down your jizz
It’s the treat at the end of the bad girl’s sweet kiss

So thick and creamy, it clings to my flesh
I swallow, I wallow, the feel of your mess
I suck till you’re soft and then lick up the spill
It’s the bad girl’s sweet kiss…
…do you want one?
…… you will!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Little Things That Mean A Lot

Having said how much I love cybersex, I love phone sex just as much. But not with strangers, thank you very much.

When we're on the phone, it's late at night
And the chat is stuck on flirty
Do you wish I'd take it up a notch?
Do you want us to talk dirty?
When you're fucking me with all your might
And every stroke grows bolder
Do you like it when I wrap my legs
Tight around your shoulders?

Then tell me, ask me, let me know
The tricks that make you roar
We think so hard about the big stuff, but
The little things can say more
When I'm kneeling, sucking on your cock
While you're standing by the bed
Do you like it when I place your hands
Hard on the back of my head?

When I'm lying with my legs apart
In the grip of cunnilingus
Do you like it when I part my lips
Wider with my fingers?
Then tell me, ask me, let me know
The things that make you hot
It's sometimes easy to forget
That the little things mean a lot

When I straddle you and ride you hard
And my juice pools on your thighs
Do you like when I flick my head
To shake my hair out of my eyes?
And when we've fucked ourselves to sleep
Which we've done so often
Do you like me sucking you back to life
When you thought you'd finally softened?

Then tell me, ask me, let me know
I might not even be aware
That the tiniest gesture that I make without thinking
Is the one that takes you there

Monday, July 19, 2010

Educating Jennifer

Back to college days once again! Another very early verse, but the sentiments are eternal.

His door was cracked slightly and I just peeped inside
As I crept to the bathroom one night
He lay on the bed, with one hand tween his legs
Jerking off by the small bedside light
I was shocked.

His door was ajar and I just glanced inside
As I crept down the stairs for a snack
He lay on the covers, his right hand his lover
With his left hand caressing his sack
I was intrigued.

His door was half open and I peeped round the edge
As I went to find my magazine
He was mopping his issue with a few balled-up tissues
And the bedspread was covered with cream
I was moist.

His door was wide open and I just stood and stared
As he jerked himself off in full view
I blurted out "hey! what on earth are you thinking?"
And he murmured, "I'm thinking of you."
I was hot.

He watched me at breakfast though he knew I'd turn red
He asked me what I dreamed when I went to bed
He told me my boyfriend was just a young kid
He asked me to tell him the things that we did

I left my door open when I dressed for school
In the hope that he'd watch - and he did! He's no fool
I undressed by the mirror and my diary knew
Of all of the things that I hoped that he'd do

At night when I passed by his room he'd be waiting
I'd stand in the door and watch his hand copulating
I'd watch his cum fountain and I wished that I'd dare
To step into the room and ask him to share

Then his visit was over, he'd be leaving tomorrow
I remember sitting in my room writing verse filled with sorrow
About how his attentions made me feel fully grown
About how I dreamed that I could have his cock for my own

His door was cracked slightly, so I slipped inside
He was seated half dressed as I sat by his side
His lips brushed my forehead, he said "you're so young"
I laughed, "you wouldn't say that if you knew what I'd done"
I'd jerked off my boyfriend! I'd shown him my tits!
I didn't complain when he fingered my slit!
And I grabbed for his groin through his boxer shorts
Then gasped - he was bigger than I ever thought!

And harder and hotter and longer and... oh!
I thought of the places where this thing could go
And imagined him splitting my poor cunt in two
But I couldn't turn back now I had him - could you?
"Just stroke it," he whispered, "that feels real swell"
So I did but my mind, it was whirling as well
Remembering the night when I saw his cum flying
I wondered what else I ought to be trying

I was watching my hand as it strained round his thickness
And the clear liquid oozed from the slit, that strange prick mess
I leaned forward a little. Was it cum? Was it piss?
Then his hand pushed my head down, "oh baby, one kiss"
My lips met the sticky knob, parted with shock
My God, my mouth opened and in slipped his cock
My jaw ached, my teeth scraped, but he didn't care
His hands held me still while he pushed more in there

At first I was frightened, at first I felt sick
Then my mind seized on the fact that it don't hurt a bit
I relaxed all my muscles and breathed through my nose
His cock twitched and pulsed; I could feel it still grow
He whispered "please suck me," I wasn't sure how
But I drew in my cheeks and - I get it now!
I began bobbing my head like I'd jerked with my hand
And when his breathing got faster, I sucked on his glans

"I'm cumming!" he cried and I jerked my head back
I just wasn't sure I was ready for that
But I tasted the tip of his cock when he'd cum
Strange, tart and sticky... yeah, I'll swallow some
He softened, I sucked as his muscle shrank back
Popped it all in my mouth, all the way to the sack
Then he held me and whispered how great my mouth felt
And I told him his flavour just made my soul melt

He wanted me to stay but I wanted my own bed
I wanted to tell diary that I'd just given head
I want to fall asleep with my mouth alive with cock
I want to dream all night about that delicious sense of shock

Yeah, I sucked on that prick and I drank down his lava
I don't care that he's old enough to be my father
Cos I know that he loved it and I loved it too
And if you think that we're wrong, you're just jealous - Boo hoo!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You Really Don't Like it

It makes me laugh reading some of the mail I get, people seem to be under the impression that I spend my entire life having sexual encounters and then writing about them – when, in fact, a single blowjob could (and has) inspire half a dozen verses. This is one of those.

He said “babe, don’t do that
“I know you feel flirty
“But it just isn’t right
“It makes me feel dirty
“And the thought of you kissing me
“Makes me feel sick
“If I know that your mouth
“Will taste of my prick.”

I raised my head slowly
From kissing his thighs
I thought he was kidding
Till I looked in his eyes
I shot a sad smile
At his proud, bobbing cock
I thought I’d get lucky
I guess maybe not

He said “babe, come up here
“Why can’t we just fuck?
“It’s healthy and normal
“You don’t have to suck
“To prove that you like me”
So I put up with his poking
And pretended to cum
And to cherish his stroking

He said “you’re not happy?”
I replied, “I’m just shocked
“I want to taste your whole body
“And swallow your cock”
He said “why do you like it?”
I said “cos it’s awesome!
“The heat and the flavor
“And waiting for your cum

“I just love to do it
“And it isn’t a crime
“So lie back and enjoy it
“Please try it one time.”
“I know I won’t like it,”
He said with a sigh
“And you’ll clean your teeth after?”
I thought I would die

But he’s not going to beat me
I will have my fun
So I tickled his helmet
With the tip of my tongue
Then I folded my jaw
Round his sweet purple tip
And I sucked very gently
And fucked with my lips

His cock was so hard now
And his breathing was low
So I took him inside me
As deep as he’d go
And I gave him the best head
That I know how to give
My pussy was flooding
I leaked like a sieve
He came like a fountain
I can’t hold it in
As much as I swallowed
More dripped down my chin
My lips were just smothered
In his white sticky bliss
Which is when I sat up
And I gave him a kiss

He cried and he spluttered
His eyes filled with fear
So I slipped in my tongue
Filled his mouth with the smears
Then dipped back to his lap
To his softening dick
Licked him clean with my tongue
Sucked his balls a bit

I came so hard then
That my pussy was purring
But he lay there so quiet
I could hear his brain whirring
“That was amazing!”
I told him. He swore.
“Well, I still didn’t like it.
“You’d better try it once more.”

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Fantasy

A warm evening, a tight T-shirt, knowing I found the right shade of lipstick, silly things like that, and then running int someone who actually seems to appreciate them. But I don’t know that I’ve ever set out to look “sexier” for my partner. I’d probably get it wrong, anyway. “But honey, I thought you said you liked Hilary Clinton?”

I think of this, I lie awake
I flick my clit until its screams
Are echoing inside my head
And cunts and cocks leap through my dreams
I suck on them, I lick them hard
I drown in all they drip on me
I wonder is there anyone
Who'll help me with my fantasy?

I want to watch you while you fuck her
I want to be there while you screw
I won't be jealous, I won't get mad
Just want to see just what you do

Then when you've cum inside her cunt
And she's lying, sated, on her back
I want to kneel between her legs
And suck your liquor from her crack

I want to taste you mixed with her
Want to lick each crevice clean
Slip a finger in her quim
And gorge myself on where you've been

I think of this, I lie awake
I flick my clit until its screams
Are echoing inside my head
And cunts and cocks leap through my dreams
I suck on them, I lick them hard
I drown in all they drip on me
I wonder is there anyone
Who'll help me with my fantasy?

I want to see your cum leak out
Thick and white floods from her lips
I want to meet it open mouthed
I want to slurp and swallow it

I want to suck her cum-cloaked clit
As she grinds it in my face
My hand snakes out, you're hard again
It's my turn now to take her place

And let you fuck me till I scream
Your hot cum bursts and scalds my soul
And then I tell her "it's your turn"
And feel her suck you from my hole

I think of this, I lie awake
I flick my clit until its screams
Are echoing inside my head
And cunts and cocks leap through my dreams
I suck on them, I lick them hard
I drown in all they drip on me
I wonder is there anyone
Who'll help me with my fantasy?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


One of those odd little things you find when you Google your own name... can anyone explain?

It's here

BRB (Be Right Back)

I probably shouldn’t say this, but I actually enjoy cybering. Not all the time, and certainly not as a substitute for the real thing. But late at night sometimes, bored with the TV or whatever else might be around, it’s fun to simply sign on, sit back and see who tries to IM you. And then, provided they don’t put my back up immediately (and there’s a laundry list of opening gambits which are guaranteed to make me hit the “block” button), who knows what might happen? The odd thing is, I’ve probably had more civil conversations with would-be suitors than I’ve ever had “sexual” encounters, which just goes to show… there’s a lot of other bored people around out there, and the Internet is not simply a nest of depraved perverts and lonely sad sacks. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

I’m looking for a cock to suck
It’s 3 am, I’ve had no luck
I spent the evening at the bar
But all the guys there looked so blah

Went on to check some local shows
Hung on until the last one closed
But the only guy who hit on me
Looked like he was a chimpanzee

So I went on-line cos what the hell
Even cyber’s better than an empty shell
But it’s like the world’s been emptied out
Cos no-one answers when I shout

Hey you! I’m bored. and horny too
Let’s tell each other what we’d do
If I was there or you were here
And your cock was stiff and my mouth was near

And I’d slurp you in and suck you dry
I’d caress your balls, I’d tongue them, I
Would take you deeper than you’ve ever been
I’d show you tricks you’ve never seen

I wouldn’t need to use my hands
Just my lips to suck your glans
And when you cum, and your cock’s gone soft
I could wipe my lips and then sign off.