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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guys I'd Really Like to Suck (GIRLS)

Just my tongue. No sucking, no biting, no nibbling, no suckling. But I start licking his balls and circle his shaft, around and around, tickling, tasting, teasing, TORMENTING. Hearing his gasp and groan, more and more desperate, more and more hungry, first asking, then begging, then ordering me to suck him.

And I lick and lap and lick and lap until finally...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Diary of Discovery (part one)

I hope everyone has been keeping up with the conversations on Secretly Naughty’s blog (if not, you should), because she’s made me think a lot about attitudes towards fellatio – particularly my own.

I don’t think anyone reading this needs reminding about my thoughts on the subject but I’ve been thinking about it and trying to remember NOT when I discovered I enjoyed it, but how I discovered that people even did such a thing.

Well, I was young… it was well before I started High School, in the earliest days of what passed for sex ed lessons in the early 1990s, and maybe even a little before that. Some girlfriends and I were discussing how a woman got pregnant and one of them announced, very knowledgably, that there were two ways, “in your hole or in your mouth” (or words to that effect).

Which seemed so logical that nobody argued or even thought about it. We just took it for granted and the funny thing is, once those sex ed lessons started, our teacher didn’t say anything to the contrary. In fact I distinctly remember asking her pointblank about it and the answer coming back that it didn’t matter where he put his penis, the boy should always wear a condom. And what were condoms for? To stop you getting pregnant.

Do any of the ladies here remember their first ever encounter with a condom? Mine was after school one day when a friend produced one she'd found in her brother's coat pocket (!) and we spent a memorable evening being utterly grossed out by the smelly, slippery, slimy, floppy thing. The thought of having one in my pussy was revolting enough, the idea of having one in my mouth was absolutely disgusting.

I made up my mind there and then that I did not want a condom, and therefore a cock, anywhere near me. And the funny thing is, I stuck with that resolution for a long time.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Wild Thing!

Listening to the radio the other day I heard a fantastic version of the oldie "Wild thing," all squelchy bass lines and a singer who sounded like she was orgasming non stop.

To cut a long story short, it turned out to be by a band called Fancy, who in turn turned out to have a genuine Penthouse Pet for a lead singer.

So here she is, the lovely Helen Caunt.

Oh, and you can hear it here...

Quite honestly...

... the most erotic movie I have seen in a long time.

View it at Handcuffs.

The question is - would you want to be the watcher? or the watched?

Just for a change... GIRLS I'd Really Like to Suck

Every so often you come across a photo... and if I was a guy, I think I would come across this one... that makes your heart skip a beat. Those eyes, that face - fuck, I'm not even looking anywhere else and I want her. And when I do look anywhere else... I want that as well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I lost my virginity on a Thursday... and an August Thursday as well. Ten years ago this month. A little later in life than a lot of my friends (to save you doing the math, I was 19), but I wanted to savor some other things first.

His name was Ken and I'm ashamed to say, although I can remember a lot about him... I recall very little about this particular night. Yes it was a Thursday. But that's about all.

I wish I remembered the exact date - I could have thrown a party. Instead, I posted a blog. Life can be so sad sometimes, can't it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guys I'd Really Like to Suck (GIRLS)

He doesn't give me a word of warning. Not a word, not a grunt, not even that tell tale pulse as his body prepares to explode its treasures into a willing mouth.

Just a sudden flood of hot, that glorious moment when my sucking becomes gulping, my breath catches hard in the back of my throat and my throat opens wide to accept his bounty, as my heart beats faster and harder than ever... all of that? For me? Thank you!

And if I'm extra careless, I miss a few drops and they pool on my lip to drip out onto my breasts. And I ask him to lick me clean.


Or so my dear friend Chrissie Bentley just reminded me... fall is coming, and Christmas too, so what better way to while away the lengthening nights than to curl up with a good erotic novel? Actually, I can think of a couple of things, but I know what she means. Anyway, head on over to Constantly Chrissie and find out how you can get your eyes on a whole heap of hot reading material.


THE ADVENTURES OF AMBROSE HORNE - (three volumes - e-book)

COCKTAILS (short stories - e-book)

BELOW BLUE LONDON (novel - e-book)

DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE (short stories - e-book)

COUSIN TOM'S MOTORBIKE (short stories - print edition)


WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION (novella - print edition)

MISS AMERICA (novel - e-book)


and last but not least...
THE FIRST TIME & 59 OTHER MAGICAL MINUTES (Kindle edition and print edition)

Oh, and for more excellence in your reading, visit Xcite Books and prepare to be flabbergasted!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oral Etiquette

Continuing on from yesterday's posting... the why's and wherefore's of cumming in your partner's mouth... a fascinating question arose.

On the other hand I wonder if a woman has ever said to a man going down on her “Is it OK if I squirt when I cum?” (Thank you Misoodanim)


I'll be honest and admit I never have; partly because I never know if I'm going to or not, but partly because I've never had complaints if I do. Shock and surprise, maybe, but never a complaint. Oh, and partly because there's still guys out there who don't believe it's possible, until it happens to them LOL.

So, question. Has anyone out there ever prefaced cunnilingus with the question "do you mind if I squirt in your mouth?"

And has any guy ever objected?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Given Half A Chance...

A thought that I threw open in a comment on Secretlynaughty's blog... hoping some of my readers (male and female) will add their thoughts/experiences.

Swallowing. With a name like mine (real) you can imagine the teasing and namecalling I got at HS and college. But "behind closed doors" I found that it was another matter entirely and a lot of guys... I'd even say MOST guys... would deliberately NOT cum in my mouth; they'd pull away at the last minute or if they were too slow they'd spend the next fifteen minutes saying sorry. One even pulled a face and said "yuk" when he saw me drink it down.

And this includes some of the same guys who would smirk when they heard my name and asked if I'd swallow them etc etc... (and yes, I still hear the same jokes today, when I'm nearly 30).

So the question.

Would more girls swallow if guys DIDN'T make such a production about not wanting to cum in their mouths - which in turn sets up a thought process in the girl's mind that there must be something icky about it?

After all we know what we're letting ourselves in for when we first put him in there. A friend suggested that guys are just being polite or considerate but LOL if that's true, it's one of the few times they are!

Of course it's only the first few times, once you have swallowed, or even let himcum in your mouth, then it's all he wants to do. LOL and all I want to do too, a lot of the time. It's getting him to that place that's difficult.

So please everyone, hit the comment button and share your thoughts and experiences!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guys I'd Really Like to Suck (GIRLS)


Friday, August 20, 2010

Althea & Donna--Uptown Top Ranking

I love this song!

Soft or hard pack?

Back in my freshman year at college, I had a job in a gift store that also sold cigarettes and one of my favorite parts of the day was asking cute guys “soft or hard pack?” Say it in the right tone of voice and some of them would get really flustered.

Apart from one, who looked me in the eye and asked, “which do you prefer?”


Sometimes, I like a soft pack. I like to see it sleeping on his tummy, waiting for that first gentle kiss, twitching a little as my tongue slides up and down, warming as I nuzzle and then swelling imperceptibly as I raise it to my lips, and slip it in and feel it growing, fatter and longer till my jaw starts to stretch, and what was once soft and pliable is becoming hard and rigid…

And sometimes, I like a hard pack, knowing as I kneel that I’m about to be impaled, feeling his thickness and weight as they force my mouth to spread wide open, crushing my tongue and driving in hard, bumping against the back of my throat, unbending, unyielding, powerful, strong…

And sometimes, I don’t care. Just as long as I can feel his passion and desire, and the moment of his climax when his body grows as stiff as his cock, he holds his breath, he jerks, he cries, and my mouth is overflowing with all he has to give.

And I swallow as much as I can and I laugh, because nothing makes me that happy.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Maybe we should meet up some time and you can let me try them both.”

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Reader Writes

I always love reading people's comments on this blog (and I wish there were more to be honest). I had to share this one with you all, though, it's not only one of the nicest I've ever received, it's the HOTTEST as well. Mandy - I don't know if you'll read this, but thank you for writing ... and have fun with your new toy! BTW, it was posted to the verse "You Don't Know Me But...," if anybody else wants to read it.


I hope you don't mind but I have to tell you this before I burst. I've been married 8 yrs and hb and i have a great sex lifem at least i thought so but last night I needed to look at something onour shared computer and in the history I found a link to your blog OMG at first I was surprised but I started reading, one thing I've never done for hb is suck his cock, I tried a few times when we were first dating but he is so much bigger thn my mouth it wasn't comfortable or fun, he's never complained but if he's looking at your site then I know he thinks about it so when we went to bed I decided to try again taking the advice tht you give in this poem, he was on his side facing away from me so I cuddled up and began stroking his tummy with my finger tips, he tried to roll over but I wouldn't let him, I waited till he was really hard then pulled him onto his back and he tried to grab me to fuck but I shushed him and started kissng dwn him till I reached his hard cock then I began licking an kissing it, I loved feeling it twitch and jerk as it lay on hisbelly so then I held it and ran my tongue all over it till he was gasping but he didn't say anything so I put it into my mouth, I wasn't sure about the taste and it was still uncomfortable stretching my jaw that far but I ket going and when the pressure was too much I started to lick and nibble again and I loved every minute of it, I wish I'd known yrs ago that he would enjoy it like this rather than believing that to suck him off properly I had to keep sucking, I felt him start to come and I wasn't sure about wanting it in my mouth this time and I'm glad because the first blast reached his chest but once he'd stopped spurting I put him in my mouth and it was lovely, so next time, wish me luck. Sorry this has gone o n so long but like I said I had to tell somebody, thank you for opening my eyes to one of the best nights of sex I've had in years and years xxxx mandy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A poll for the ladies

Ladies! Drop by to visit the Drenched One for a poll you won't want to miss!

Foreign Policy

I met him at a dance club
His accent was so proper
He said that he’s from London and
His name was Rodney Trotter

“I’m part English,” I replied
He laughed, “you’re shitting me?”
“No my gran’s from Westmoreland
“So I’ve got some Brit in me.”

I laughed at his next comment, though
We’ve all heard it before
“If you want to step outside with me
“I’ll put in a whole lot more.”

We sat and had a drink or three
We kissed, he squeezed my breast
He whispered how he’d love to see it
I murmured “and the rest?”

He nodded and we went outside
And I don’t want to gloat
But I got a lot more Brit in me
He poured it down my throat

Thick and sweet and so damned much
I could barely keep it in
But I swallowed hard and wiped my mouth
As it dripped down from my chin

Then we went back into the dance club
He introduced me to his friends
An Oz, a Scot, one Welsh, one Dutch
… and I swallowed the UN!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guys I'd Really Like to SUCK (GIRLS)

Thanks to the Naughty Professor for finding this wonderful picture...


Friday, August 13, 2010

Yes Please!

Yes please!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I don't even know who I'm the most jealous of!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Neighborhood Slut

Be honest, girls, you’ve always wanted to be her, haven’t you?

I just sucked your boyfriend's cock
Well, he said you never did it
Every time that he got fresh
You'd just start to fidget
And then make weak excuses
It was time that you went home
And leave the poor guy sitting there
Alone with his fat bone

So I waited late one evening
Till I knew that you'd gone home
Then I sat down on his stoop
And called his mobile phone
He answered, so I asked him
If he could come out to play
You know he could have just said no
But I knew what he'd say

He came downstairs, unlocked the door
I pulled him to one side
Kissed him one time on the mouth
Then let my left hand slide
Down his chest, down to the cock
The cock you've never touched
To stroke and coax that burning flesh
The flesh you've never sucked

Then I knelt and put him in my mouth
I swallowed him so deep
I felt his knees grow weak, I felt
Him swaying on his feet
As I rammed my mouth down his full length
Touched his stomach with my face
And clutched hard at his hips and butt
While he fucked me, and his pace

Grew faster, harder, and I felt
His cock continue growing
I barely had him two minutes
Before he started blowing
I felt it splash on tongues and gum
My spit smeared it so thick
To bring new flavor, slick and sweet
To the full length of his prick

I swallowed hard and still he came
It dribbled down my chin
I held him firm against me
So that every drop stayed in
I suckled as he softened
I drank down that thick river
I caressed his balls with finger tips
I held him as he shivered

So I sucked off your boyfriend
And I'd do it all again
If you don't want it, you only have
Your stupid self to blame
Except next time, because I know
There's no way that you'd do it
I'll have him lick my pussy too
After he has screwed it

Monday, August 2, 2010

Who's Calling?

I first published this one online shortly before a Presidential election, and was bombarded with abusive e-mails. It took me ages to figure out why, and I’m still not convinced this was the only reason. But, at a time when the media was dwelling on the growing use of robo-calls to solicit votes for one party (or discourage them for others), a friend did suggest that maybe the fourth verse was just a little too political….

“Who was that on the phone, dear?”
Oh just a wrong number
“You talked for a long time”
Mmmm, yeah
You’ve got to stop calling me
I know he’s suspecting me
But I have to pick up
When you’re there

“Who was that on the phone, dear?”
I was taking a survey
“It sounded a bit personal”
Like do I get hot
When I think of your cock?
And am I getting wetter
Down there?

“Who was that on the phone dear?”
Damned telemarketers
“I hope you got rid of them?”
I told you I wanted
To suck your cock dry
And the thought made you cum
Then and there

“Who was that on the phone, dear?”
The Republican Party
Wanting you to contribute?
Uh… yeah
Like the juices you drink
When I sit on your face
While your sperm slowly dries
In my hair

“Who was that on the phone dear?”
Who’d you think? It’s my lover
“Oh, you crack me up, you do!”
Now I wish you would call
Cos my cell’s on vibrate
And you know where I’ve put it?
Yeah. There.