Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deflowering David

His name wasn’t really David. But everything else is the honest truth – and even while it was happening, it felt as though it rhymed. Probably the easiest verse I’ve ever written!

He told me that he was a virgin
That he wanted me to be first in
Which was fine because I was thirsting
For a piece of untouched meat

But oh what a shock, what a surprise
What a disaster awaited my eyes
Soft, small and flaccid, it disinterestedly lies
My poor piece of untouched meat

I froze for a moment, what could I do?
He was looking so hopeful, and I felt that too
And I knew if I failed, the poor lad would stew
Over his piece of untouched meat

I stroked its loose skin with a light moistened finger
Gave his ballbag a pinch (it’s okay, not a stinger)
Then stroked his soft helmet, and let my hand linger
On his piece of untouched meat

His voice was a whisper, barely a hiss
I strained to make sure not a word I would miss
He said “it might help if you planted a kiss
On my piece of untouched meat”

Was that a slight twitch? Or was I just dreaming?
I licked it again, my mind slowly scheming
How to get him erect and hot, get some creaming
From his piece of untouched meat

I used finger and thumb to so gently raise it
And I let my soft lips so delicately graze it
Let out a soft moan so he knew that I’d tasted
His piece of untouched meat

I opened my mouth and slipped in the end
I held his shaft straight so that it couldn’t bend
Then worked my jaw slow, made some ripples to send
Through his piece of untouched meat

I must have laid there and suckled for a good 20 minutes
I remember I’d almost decided to bin it!
And then my mouth realized there was something hard in it
Life floods his untouched meat

Now that is more like it! I thought as I wallowed
And opened my throat so he slipped in the hollow
I’m glad I was patient, I smiled as I swallowed
Every piece of untouched meat

I was tempted to stay, to blow all the way
But I’d promised that I’d take his cherry away
So I let him go with a plop, there’d be other days
Fed pussy his untouched meat

All of that happened a long time ago
What happened to him I really don’t know
But there’s one special memory that gives me a glow
I touched his untouched meat

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me when I was deflowered. Very nice!

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