Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mirror Mirror

“Mirror Mirror” holds some very special memories, as anyone who has ever shared the experience would probably agree. However, it also reminds me of the hardest part of my writing - finding multiple rhymes for “scrotum” and “throat”… in fact, I once wound up rhyming them together, and it remains the single most atrocious couplet I’ve ever written – “Want to see you in my throat/Watch my chin as it taps your scrote.” I can’t believe I even thought of that, let alone published it. And here it is.

Mirror mirror by the bed
Watching while I’m giving head
From the corner of my eye
I see my tongue trace up your thigh
Pause to tease your balls a bit
Take one deep and suck on it
Hear you gasp, I gently blow
Your hand keeps my strokes so slow
I grasp your cock and raise it to
My mouth; I plant a kiss or two
I watch my tongue so greedily slip
All around that velvet tip
I watch my jaw so slowly parting
As I take your helmet right in
My cheeks sink in as I start to draw
Deep on your shaft; and I want more
Want to see you in my throat
Watch my chin as it taps your scrote
See the expression on my face

As my mouth devours your heat and taste
See the shock flash in my eyes
When you flood me with your salt surprise
Then I want to watch as just a little
From the corner of my mouth trickles
And that’s the moment I want to freeze
In my mind – so camera, please
Catch that brief split second bliss
When your cum starts leaking from my lips
Catch the droplet before it falls
Catch me before I swallow it all
My eyes are wild and my hair’s a mess
But I call that picture HAPPINESS


1manview said...

Nicely done......

Renee said...

Sexy, very good writer

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