Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Moment is Mine

It’s not only the girls who can be reluctant. In fact, guys can be even harder to turn around!

“I don’t want to cum in your mouth,” he said.
“Too bad,” I answered.
I wouldn’t want to start this
If I didn’t want to taste you
I might not want to keep you
But I sure don’t want to waste you
I want to feel your muscles tense
The pressure build inside you
I want to feel you hold me fast
Want you to feel me ride you
I want to feel that pulse and punch
As you ram your cock in deeper
I love the taste when we start out
But the end tastes even sweeter

I know I started slowly but
That’s just the way I do it
Tiny kisses, little licks
Before I get down to it
Licking my lips slowly
So your knob end slips in gently
Relax my tongue and flex my jaw
And your flavor floods and sends me
Sucking, seeking, fresh firm flesh
While you fill me to my limit
Then when you think I’ve done my best
That’s when I begin it

I love to hear my sucking sounds
Around my moans of pleasure
I love to hear you gasp and sigh
As my tongue swirls, seeking treasure
I love to feel your balls contract
As the tension starts to rise
I love to see the magic as it
Dances in your eyes
And when you reach the very edge
And try to pull away
I clutch your ass and hold you tight
I know what you’re trying to say

The first jet hot and thick delight
The second pumping, fills me
I swallow hard so I don’t choke
I hear my gulps, they thrill me
You shout my name, and God’s and more
Your hips pound fast and frantic
Your cum still floods, I feel like I’ve
Just swallowed the Atlantic
But when the waves at last subside
And you’re softening in my jaw
Oh shit, I sound like Oliver
“Please, I want some more.”

I hold you as you melt away
And lick away the drips
Feel strings of cum cling taut between
Your helmet and my lips
Feel it drying on my chin
Damp drips upon my breast
But the taste that thickly lines my throat
Hey baby, that’s the best
So next time you’re on a one night stand
And the girl gets on her knees
Just let her do it her own way
She knows what you both need.


JoeDeck said...

This is one of the best erotic pieces I've ever laid my eyes upon. If only I could find this girl...if only for a moment.

Anonymous said...

hehe... beutiful.. i faved it on my google reader. :)

Swinger sites said...

This is such a great article, very much enjoyed reading it, thank you

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