Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You're With Her Again

I’ve had a couple of threesomes and, to be truthful, I don’t especially enjoy them. Yes, it’s fun. But it can also be very frustrating… the biggest problem I have, when you’re with two guys, is they’re so worried about appearing “gay” that they never let go in the way you’d hope they would. Or the way they’d expect two girls to.

I love to see a guy take a load from another guy; I'd really love one guy to eat the other’s come out of my pussy. But the closest they ever get is one on each nipple. I don’t think they even especially enjoy watching what the other one was doing. If I ever find myself in that situation again, I’ll be setting some very firm ground rules before a single piece of my clothing comes off.

You’re with her again
Why don’t you draw the curtains?
You’re with her again
Do I have to see you flirting?
I want to watch TV
But all that I can see
Is the couple cross the alley do the dirty

You’re with her again
I watch as you undress her
You’re with her again
I watch as you caress her
Your mouth is on her breasts
She’s shrugging off her dress
Well it really didn’t take much to impress her

You’re with her again
What a place to put your bed!
You’re with her again
Now I can see her spread
While you’re slipping off your clothes
And I’m wondering where you’ll go
First? Will you fuck her? Or ask her for some head?

You’re with her again
Hey, move so I can see
You’re with her again
And she’s down upon her knees
I watch her as she’s stroking
Hope she loves a man with foreskin
Because there’s so much more there waiting to be pleased

You’re with her again
She’s laughing while she’s licking
You’re with her again
Her mouth strains, you’re still thickening
But now she’s in the groove
And I watch your bodies move
Some girls have all the luck, you know. It’s sickening

You’re with her again
I feel my heartbeat thudding
You’re with her again
I feel my pussy flooding
I imagine your cock stretching me
First my jaw, then my pussy
Then I see your silent cry; at last! You’re cuming

You’re with her again
I watch you wildly humping
You’re with her again
Will she swallow all you are pumping?
Just when she’d got the rhythm
You swamped her mouth with jizzum
And her eyes are wide with shock… or lust… or something

You’re with her again
I lip-read her: “please feed me!”
You’re with her again
My God, the bitch is needy
Then she shuts her eyes to swallow
And you signal me to follow
Cos a two-some is much more fun when there’s three


silverpanties said...

Would love to let go in a threesome with you. Have you sit on my face to drink his cum. You can set the rules!!

silver panties said...

A threesome with you sounds great. Would love you to sit on my face so I can drink his cum. You can set the rules!

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