Thursday, April 8, 2010

Victorian England's Least Victorian Detective

When a Faberge dildo goes astray... when you are woken up by the spirit of your long dead wife... when your stamp collection is suddenly sealed to the table by a mysterious liquid... WHO YOU GONNA CALL?

Ambrose Horne, Victorian England's most discrete detective, of course.

Torn from the pages of the kind of magazines that his century would probably have denied even existed, and certainly doing things that polite society would rather die than indulge in, Ambrose Horne is here to fuck, suck, lick and flick his way through some of the most perplexing mysteries ever to haunt the civilized man.

Such as...

Who stole the secrets to the military's latest invention?

Why is the town filled with ginger haired children?

And... can ladies really squirt?

Find out in The Erotic Adventures of Ambrose Horne, available now from Xcite Books. And, coming soon, the Erotic Memoirs of Ambrose Horne and the Erotic Return of Ambrose Horne. Three great books, one amazing lover.

Ambrose Horne. yes, he's got it.

The amazing new book by Chrissie Bentley

Available now from Xcite Books.

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