Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cum Breath - A Quick Update

After what happened in the stockroom the week before last, I think I'd expected Gary to be back every day, either for a repeat performance or simply to say hello. Instead, I didn't see him at all last week, and was already writing him off as a "typical" guy - either that, or he was too embarrassed/horrified/disgusted by what happened in there to ever come back to the library again.

But he finally showed up again yesterday, to ask whether I'd be interested in going out with him tomorrow (Wednesday) night?


We're going for a meal, and there's the vague promise of a movie as well - although given a choice between The Karate Kid or Toy Story 3, I'm hoping we'll think of something else to do before then.

Any suggestions, anyone?

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Advizor said...

Oh come on, go see "TOY STORY 3" It's a great movie. And what better story than to admit that you gave your date head surrounded by bored dads and stressed-out moms, and 300 screaming kids.

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