Monday, June 14, 2010

Cum Breath

Sometimes, the hottest thing about sucking cock is putting myself back together afterwards. Standing at the mirror, fixing my make-up, ready to go back into the workplace knowing that anyone who looks at me would never guess I’d just spent ten minutes on my knees in the store room, while a not-quite-complete stranger fed me inch after inch of delicious, hard prick.

Although my cum-breath might give them a clue.

I’m not in the habit of doing this. Libraries let you have a lot of things for free, but blowjobs aren’t part of the Dewey Decimal System, and even if they were, looking around my co-workers, there’d probably not be many takers. Or givers, come to that. But, like I said, this one guy... his name was Gary… caught my eye a while back. I love a man who reads, and he got through books like they were going out of fashion. Two or three times a month he’d come in, deposit one pile of novels, everything from Charles Dickens to Harry Potter, and pick up another. Sometimes we’d talk about them; occasionally I’d recommend something, and all the time, I’d be thinking…

He has good taste. I’d love to taste him.

The flirting started slowly. A book I suggested he read had a fairly hot sex scene in it. When he returned the book, he mentioned how much he’d enjoyed page 83. I flicked through the pages while he was still standing in front of me, and I know I blushed as my eyes reached the passage, but I smiled as well and told him, well, if you enjoyed that… and pointed him towards another book that I knew was just as hot.

Before long, I’d be racking my brains every night, trying to think of books that had turned me on, or thumbing through the romance section, trying to recall the titles that fans of that genre (usually old ladies) might have mentioned contained especially “fruity” scenes. And you’d be surprised how many there were – most readers looking for a literary turn-on will gravitate towards full-on erotica… a category that our library steadfastly avoided. But you can find just as much sex in straight romance novels, and before long Gary would be checking out three or four bodice rippers along with his usual selection of books, and I was spending as much time at the check-out desk as I could, waiting for him to bring them back and tell me what he thought of them.

Last Thursday…

I was just leaving the ladies rest room and he was just entering the men’s… the library was quiet, and besides, the restrooms are round a couple of corners, meaning nobody was in sight. He’d already returned his latest stash of books, and smiled when he saw me. “I thought I was going to choose my own books today,” he laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got a few suggestions,” I replied, and a voice at the back of my mind smirked loudly. I bet you have.

“As good as the last ones?” he shot back. He named one, and rattled off three page numbers. I shook my head. “Sorry, you’ll have to jog my memory.”

He summarized the book’s plot, but that wasn’t what I meant and he knew it. “I mean, jog my memory about the pages,” I teased and then, holding open the door to the store room... the one that I had the only key to... “in private, if you like.”

He liked.

And, once he told me what he’d read, I asked him to show me as well. To hold me tight against his body, kiss me deeply and passionately and then, as his excitement grew, to begin pushing me down his body, one hand on my head, forcing me down, the other hand ripping his belt buckle open, undoing his pants, pulling out his cock, and when my mouth was at the right level, pushing it into my mouth. Holding both my hands in one of his, while the other held his prick steady while my mouth worked across his flesh. And when he came, to push in deep, push in hard, choke me on his cock and drown me in his cum. Blast after blast that wallpapered my throat and flowed like honey; and as I cleaned the last drops of sticky from his shaft with my tongue, I wondered if there was a single book in the entire library that could ever top this?

He buttoned up and we kissed again, before I hustled him out of the restroom, and then dipped into my purse. I wiped my chin and cheeks with a tissue… there’s always some spill, no matter how much you swallow. All gone. No-one would have known how much had flooded down my throat.

My lipstick was smeared… I fixed it. Nobody could have guessed that my lips had been wrapped around a hot cock.

Another touch-up here, another one there. I was the picture of propriety.

I double-checked my blouse for embarrassing droplets or stains. Not one.

I took a moment to collect my thoughts, and another to calm my still-pounding heart. Then I walked back out to the library floor, looking as prim and pristine as I always do.

There was only one thing that could give me away, and I had no intention at all of doing anything about it.

I had a serious case of cum-breath.


Vibrator Blog said...

Very sexy story.

ProfessorC said...

Very, very hot my dear. Another naughty librarian - I love your secret side.

Silverpanties said...

I've only ever managed to make myself cum in a library, your guy was much luckier!

Thought you might like the photo in my blog

Oversexed Librarian said...

Cum breath, pussy's all good. One time, a female friend of mine, upon returning from an extended absence at a party asked me " I look freshly-fucked?" She did.

Anonymous said...

I Love This. Love kissing my wife when she tastes like his cum. I'm going to keep on reading... too hottt!

My Blog: Me She & He (Married MFM)

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