Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Me and Monique

Another threesome, another movie… another fantasy, I’m afraid. Although Monique is very, very real!

Me and Monique and a guy we don’t know
Thought it was time that we put on a show
We set up the camera, adjusted the lighting
Then she lay on the bed while I stripped her like lightning
Kissed her sweet feet then I moved up her calf
Nuzzled her knees and tickled. She laughed

And what of the guy who was with us that night?
He was watching and stroking his cock. He’s alright.

Tracing my tongue up Monique’s luscious thighs
Feeling her breath hitch when I got up high
Two fingers that part her moist pussy lips
A tongue that now flickers towards her hard clit
Lips that enclose her and then slowly suck
While she raises her ass and her hips start to buck

And what of the guy who was with us that night?
He was jerking his hot hard cock. He’s alright.

I placed my hands to her ass and I lifted her higher
Drove my tongue deep inside till she squealed with desire
Her hands on the back of my head held me tight
While she ground at my face with all of her might
And she screamed “Jen! I’m cumming!” and my tongue pushed in deeper
And the flood of her juices seemed to taste even sweeter

And what of the guy who was with us that night?
He was moments from spurting. Yeah, he was alright

I broke away from Monique and grabbed at that prick
And he sprayed white hot juices all over her slick
Leaking, hot pussy, all over the place
Then I lay back and pulled her onto my face
And I licked up that cum that he shot on her cunt
While she started kissing her way down my front

And what of the guy who was with us that night?
He just stood there exhausted. I hope he’s alright

Her tongue deep inside me as my mouth starts to suck
I gasp as her fingers begin a slow fuck
I cry as the rhythm builds up round my clit
I break and I scream as she bites down on it
I cum as she cums and we shudder, lie still
Unable to move till we’ve drained the last thrill

And what of the guy who was with us that night?
He’s hard once again – yeah, he’ll do alright

We drag him between us, Monique on his face
We both lean together towards the same place
We show him what happens when two red hot chicks
Are both of them gagging to suck on his prick
We snare it, we share it, we lick it in tandem
Bites, kisses, nibbles, the whole lot at random

And what of the guy who was with us that night?
We both drank his cum – so he did alright.

And what of the camera? I hear your mind whirling
Will we upload the film so you can see two hot girlies
Devour each other, then swallow a man
And if we do – will it make you our number one fan?
Roll up to see Jenny and Monique and some guy…
Who forgot to switch on his camera.

I sigh.


Anonymous said...

I'm so pissed about the camera... PLEASE remember to start with that, consider the REC button as part of foreplay! I can't stop reading your stuff... Love each and every moment!!!

Oversexed Librarian said...

And what of Web voyeurs, people like me?
Aroused and anxiously scrolling, hoping to see
A hot vid of Jenny, some man and Monique
Wantonly playing, putting on their freak
But the camera was off, Jenny ends with a sigh

Well, do I.

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