Friday, October 1, 2010

Guys I'd Really Like to Suck (GIRLS)

He comes up behind me and wordlessly, pushes me to my knees. His hand on my head, he walks around to face me.

He is naked, he is hard, he is silent.

But I know what to do.

Sometimes I wish he'd bind me, tie my hands behind me and take me as he wants to.

But sometimes I'm glad that he doesn't, so my hands can finger the flute while my mouth breathes out the music.

And when I feel him tense and his legs begin to buckle.

That is my symphony.

I suck him dry


Marcus said...

You are a poet and a musician. And this is about the only context where "dry" is a very sexy word :)

plantpage said...

So when was the last time you drained a cock

Jenny Swallows said...

Oh dear Plantpage, you make it sound so surgical... like "when was the last time you drained a boil?"

plantpage said...

Well I didnt intend for it to be that I mean when you drain a cock you leave him breathless,he feels that he will never be able to cum again. He feels he has truly emptied himself.

Jenny Swallows said...

I know... lol, teasing!

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