Saturday, October 16, 2010

On my knees and dreaming

We kiss and slowly she pushes my head down her body, slowly unbuttoning her blouse as my mouth moves towards her breasts. I part the fabric and kiss first one, then the other - I suck her nipples but she is impatient; she is unbuttoned to the waist now and her fingers are on the waistband of her pants.

I kiss down, teasing the firm flesh of her belly, slipping my tongue inside her navel, my eyes closed as I drink in the beauty of her taste and fragrance. I hear the soft hiss of her zip and the gentle pressure of her hand as it pushes me further.

And I gasp as my mouth meets hardness, not hair; strength, not softness; prick, not pussy; and I wonder, as I suck her inside me, how it would feel to be a guy in this position, bedding a beautiful babe for the first time, going through all the usual preliminaries, the foreplay, the feeling, the building of desire - and then finding cock, not cunt, at the end of the rainbow?

The thought excites me, thrills me, fills me with the need to be filled by her, and I open my throat and my jaw wide and I plunge, feeling her in my throat, plunging and pushing, burying her pubes in my cheeks and pumping me, her hands on either side of my head as she fucks, and I fuck her back because we both need the same thing now. And when we get it - what a beautiful, wonderful way to drown.

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ProfessorC said...

A beautiful fantasy, for sure.

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