Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

There's this really strange overlap occurring... regular readers will know that I discovered the world of Second Life a few weeks back; personal acquaintances will know that I've more or less become hopelessly addicted to it; and a handful of especially close friends will know better than to try and stage an intervention, because now they've all got sucked into it as well. Whatever did we do with our lives before computers came long to replace them?

Anyway... the overlap. What a weird feeling it is, when someone walks into the club where my SL alias, the immortally named Jennys Willful, works, and says they were directed here by my blog. Reality lurches into fantasy and some incredible conversations have ensued. But what about when people I know only in Second Life start turning up in reality, commenting on blog posts and generally joining in the fun?

I love it, of course. But sometimes when I go to bed, and those drifting-into-sleep visions start swirling around my head, that's when the friends I've made in one place really start to become people I know in others. And the last thought before I fall asleep leaves me wondering whether the stranger I fell in lust with tonight really did walk up to me in that club I was at earlier? Or is she just a figment of somebody else's computer's imagination?

One day, somebody will be publishing a long socio-psychological discourse on the long-term effects that a second life has had on the ways we inter-act with one another. They may already have started, and I look forward to reading it.

In the meantime, in a reality that is studded with political correctness, and nobody dares say what they really think or feel for fear of being slapped with a harrassment lawsuit, there is something SO refreshing about having a cute guy, or girl, or elf or vampire or dragon or cat or any of the thousands of other sentient permutations that roam the virtual world, walk up and ask the only question that any of us really want to be asked.

"Hey sexy, wanna fuck?"


BentleyG said...

Life is just a fantasy

Charlotte said...

Hi Jenny, I am a Second Life addict too! I love it because we can do anything there; we can experience things that would be too dangerous to do in real life. It is so much fun pushing boundaries further and further each time because there really are no limits. It's great!

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