Monday, October 4, 2010


Still a teen but no longer a virgin, poised on the edge of my twentieth birthday, with a boy I'd met a month before. His name was Ken and this was the fourth night we'd slept together. I wondered how long it would be before I started having fun?

I lay back, my legs parted as he buried his tongue in my cunt. I knew I was supposed to enjoy this, knew that it was supposed to be the greatest thrill he could offer me, but beyond a lapping warmth that felt "nice," I experienced none of the explosions that I'd heard would happen. I closed my eyes and drifted, allowed him to take his pleasure with his mouth and hoped there was nothing wrong with me that stopped me from feeling the same way.

I felt his weight shift, his legs suddenly on either side of my head and his hard cock inches above my face. Curiously, because I'd never done anything like it before, I squeezed my arm between us and reached out to his cock, angled it a little although I didn't know if it should bend this far, and touched it to my mouth.

And gasped as my cunt jolted as though he'd electrocuted it, then shuddered again as his cock pushed itself between my parted lips and his flavors flooded into my mouth as my pussy flooded itself. I moved my head and he moved with it, pushing himself into the warm hole of my mouth and as he pushed, my pussy pushed back, grinding against his face as he sank deeper into mine, and he was fucking my face but I felt it in my cunt, wetter and sweeter and deeper and, though my hand was twisted round his shaft to keep him from reaching to the back of my throat, it felt like he was filling my head all the same, as my pussy sucked and gripped his face and every sweep of his tongue brought me closer to cumming, cumming in his face while he twitched and jerked then pulled out and came on my mine. And afterwards, as I ran a tenative finger through the wet on my cheek and drew it into my mouth to taste, I knew what I wanted for the first time in my short sex life.


Drenchxoxo said...

I love the word cunt. Such a HOT experience you shared with us.

Passion said...

Wow, that was so damn sexy!

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