Sunday, November 14, 2010

The first review

Thanks to Chrissie Bentley for forwarding these along... although I'm sure I'd have found them the next time I looked through my links...

The Really Naughty Corner's review of The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss

And Everynight Erotica's interview with Chrissie, with a little mention of me in there too!

QUESTION 3. Do you have a favourite story within the anthology?

That’s a tricky one – they’re all favorites in a way, otherwise I wouldn’t have included them. But the ones I direct people to first are the poems; we have two poets included in the book, Jenny Swallows and BL Morticia, and they both have very different approaches to verse… in fact, if Jenny reads this, she’ll kill me for even calling her a poet. But between them, they remind us of the sheer power of the simplest words and sentiments, and just how important they are in this field.

Which gives us all another excuse to look at that amazing cover. OMG I'm hungry!

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