Monday, November 22, 2010

Flower Play

Flower Play is alternately one of the most exquisitely beautiful, and – under certain circumstances – exquisitely painful of all the traditional BDSM experiences.

For many people, its derivation lies in art – the imagery of the naked body on a bed of roses, tiny streaks of blood on the flesh pinpointing the entry and scratching of the thorns… of course, there is also a religious/sacriligeous aspect to this, in the replication of Christ’s Crown of Thorns, and that in turn has inspired a number of impressive collars and cuffs. A slave who will wear such a collar, knowing that even the slightest movement will cause his or her flesh to be torn by the thorns, is truly a dedicated creature.

In other play, too, flowers represent a blending of sexuality and nature that it is impossible to replicate elsewhere. The bed of roses is a delightful torture, every tiny thorn a fresh reminder of your partner’s love; and the firmer the bed, the greater the stimulation. Wrapped in lengthy clippings from a climbing rose plant, and then secured to a table will test even the most stoic submissive's will.

LIkewise the use of a length of bramble… blackberry, for example… or a stinging nettle, utilized as a lash in the usual style but then allowed to rest, or rub against the flaggellant’s flesh. This is not only deliciously painful, but also (in the latter instance) allows for a lingering sensation that will remind the victim of the experience for days to come. One word of caution, however. Do not use Poison Ivy, or any other oil-based irritant, unless you both want to wind up with a serious case of the itchies.

Bondage using some of the stronger vines found in forests and unkempt gardens is also a popular theme, and as one browses through any wooded area, one will certainly discover other plants, herbs and growths whose erotic potential suddenly seems astonishing.

For the most lastingly memorable experience, however, there is nothing that surpasses the simple cactus, a truly succulent succulent that, in the right hands and with the right amount of imagination, can be utilized as a substitute for almost any conventional sex toy you can think of – including an anal or vaginal dildo. Varying lengths and thicknesses rival any "store bought" dildo, while the degrees of sensation that a skilled practitioner can readily be compared to having a Pain Threshold setting on your favorite cinrator.

The sensations during use are as intense as they are intolerable; an orgasm drawn through the manipulation of the tiny thorns is one that will never be forgotten. But, best of all, you will never again need to worry about how your slave is occupying its time following an afternoon with a cactus. It can take hours to remove all those tiny thorns from the skin. (Handy hint - duct tape is often the best solution).

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