Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is she thinking (part two)

Another picture that I've published before but, judging from how many downloads it's had (over 100), there's no harm in posting it again, with a few ruminations to keep it company.

Facials are interesting. They've been a staple of the porn industry for a couple of decades now, although it's only been since the arrival of the Internet, and its own ovsession with naming ansolutely every sexual act imaginable, that they have become a widespread end in themselves. Before that, they were simply a/the consequence of other forms of love making, and maybe that was better.

Because naming something doesn't just make it "tangible," it also allows people to take a stand pro or con, and it is astonishing, reading through other blogs and writings, how many women (and occasionally men) will speak out against receiving, or administering, a "facial" - as though it were one sexual deviation too far, or something even worse than that.

Personally - well, the fact that I've now published this picture twice in the space of a couple of months should let you know my feelings on the subject. So today's competition is... what do you think the girl in the photo's feelings are?

The smile gives a lot away, I think, and the fact that if you look at the picture closely enough, you can almost see her lips about to part, to draw in what she has alreadt started to taste. But what would you say if you were her? Or if you were with her?


misoodanim said...

I bet she's thinking, "You're a dead man."

The guy has broken all the "Laws" of the facial. Never get it up her nose, in her eye and most importantly NEVER EVER get any in her hair.

Her one good eye will open any second to tell him that if wants any kind of sex in the future he better get over here right now and start licking it off.

Anonymous said...

I am a very loyal African-American male to my very beautiful black dominant wife and I fantasize about cleaning another man's hot cum from my anywhere on my wife's wonderful body. So this pics sets my heart to racing.

Racer X said...

It hard to say what she is thinking, but I hope she is enjoying it. Hot pic.

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