Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving thanks for Thanksgiving

I wanted turkey
He offered me cock
I wanted stuffing
He said, “babe, no prob”
I want some green beans
I got meat, two veg
I said “lay the table”
He laid me instead
I want sweet potatoes
“That’s what I yam”
I asked for some cream
“Hey, woman! hot damn!”
I wanted cranberries
He gave me white sauce
I begged him “hang on”
Then he served second course
“Let me finish this mouthful!”
But he just thrust in more
I said “let me swallow!”
He asked “are you sure?”
And out at the table
The family clucked
While the butler and I
So languorously fucked

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max said...

and, do tell, what's for dessert?

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