Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Clit-erion Collection: Sanatorium - Watch it with the lights on

Building the ultimate porn library, one great flick at a time

I have often wondered about XXX DVDs whose packaging recommends them to “Couples.”  As opposed to... Threesomes?  Lonely Singles?  Orgies?  Hope you have a really big screen for that one.
Sanatorium lays down its groundrules early on, laying bare the hypocrisy that every passing news week insists lays behind the political point-scoring war against porn; in this case, an uptight Utah Senator who will speak on TV about the need to legislate against hardcore video, then pay for a lesbian live show in his hotel.  
Similar jibes are made in movies as far afield as Who’s Naylin’ Paylin and This Ain’t Fox News, but the photography here is a class above most, and I’m still celebrating a scene that allows the visuals and a well-chosen soundtrack to lead the way, and not the over-wrought yowling of an alley-cat in heat.  Sorry, I mean the “fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me” bleatings of the average XXX hottie.  Hmm... looks like there isn’t a nice way of saying that, is there?
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