Monday, June 25, 2012

Dream Lover

There is one story in this book that will haunt you.

One story that will remain in your mind long after you have forgotten all the others, one that will build and grow in there too, until it becomes a part of your cultural makeup, like a long-ago movie whose plot you've forgotten but whose mood is so close you can kiss it; or a favorite old novel you keep intending to retread, but can never put your hands on when you want it.

For me, it's Kristina Lloyd's "Living Off Lovers," a haunted house with a twist in the architecture, two strangers brought together by something they don't understand, two spirits still seeking a love that they lost eighty, ninety years ago. It's a short tale, and that's a good thing because the best short stories are always the ones that make you want to know more, much more. And the best of the rest of Dream Lover shares that same sensation. Appetizers for a meal that your own imagination will create. 

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