Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hard Again

An ode to a certain guy’s powers of rejuvenation!

I can’t believe you’re hard again
Why can’t you be like other men?
And sleep the whole night through without a sigh?
I wonder if – and what? - you’re dreaming
You’re asleep, but something’s scheming
And it feels just like a rock against my thigh

I can’t believe you’re hard again
We’d fucked three times by half-past-ten
I really thought you’d be out for the night
But you’re burning hot and pushing at
The backdoor to my bushy twat
And I’m really far too tired to try to fight

I can’t believe you’re hard again
Trying to force my legs open
But baby, please, my pussy’s kinda sore
You fucked me like an express train
I don’t think I could cum again
But I really hate to leave you needing more

I reach down my hand, feel the heat of your glans
As it rises to nuzzle my fingers
I raise them to sniff and my heart gives a kick
Your pre-come is slick, your scent lingers
Now I’m scraping your balls with my fingernails, all
Of them tracing sweet lines in your flesh
Can I push back the covers without being discovered?
It’s time for a different caress

It’s dark but I know where I need to go
I’ve been here so often before
But each time feels like new, and I wonder if you
Know how much I enjoy what’s in store?
I don’t want to wake you; I kiss you then take you
Into my mouth just a bit
Then I start to suck while my tongue gently bucks
On your sensitive flesh of your dick

You give a soft murmur, you feel even firmer
I feel your pulse throb on my gums
Now you’re all the way back and my lips scrape your sack
And I can’t even wriggle my tongue
But I know it can’t last, your breathing gets fast-
er; I glance up as you open your eyes
You sit up to speak – and then hit your peak
And collapse back on the bed with a sigh

Your cock’s madly jerking – hey, keep still! I’m working!
For a second, it grows even harder
But there isn’t much spilling, cos your flesh may be willing
But we’ve already emptied the larder
I wipe at your glans with the back of my hand
Then lick up the droplets of goo
“Why didn’t you wait until I woke up?” you ask
“Hey, I didn’t start! It was you.”

I can’t believe you’re soft again
You can’t rely on any man
They shoot their load and then they fade away
You’re soft and sticky on my thigh
I watch the minutes crawling by
You’d better get it up again today

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Rambeau said...

Wow. Is it really bushy, Jenny? Now I'm really ready to go again. Or cum again.

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