Saturday, September 22, 2012

A slick, sweet velvety ride...

You know how it feels, opening your toy box to see what you can see, and suddenly feeling as though you'e on the flight deck of the Enterprise, moments after it has been overrun by the Strangely Shaped Silicone Beasts from the Planet Zarg... you know exactly the ones I mean. The nobbly dudes with the lumps and bumps, the external veins popping and a host of rigid tentacles that threaten to grab you in six places at once. With skin that feels like an over-cooked zucchini, and a color scheme that would blind you if you gazed at it too long.

Close the lid, then, and drift with me. Back to a day when things were simpler, back to a time when a vibe was a vibe, and not the kind of gizmo that gets rolled out at big budget high tech launch parties. Back to - oh, you get the picture by now. But when I say the Velvet Touch Vibe could almost be retro, believe me, that's a compliment. Because it's true. 

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