Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Cream of the Campus

Two cocks jerked in my fists, two cocks shot hot white over my face, two cocks traced paths through the dripping mess, pushing it towards my open mouth and grasping tongue.  

Flat on my back with a guy on either side of me, my taste buds dancing to the creamy tang, my lips closing over the softening helmet of one prick while the other jousted for position on my cheek... I don’t think I had ever been so happy as I was at that moment.  And the great thing was, we had the rest of the night in which to get even happier....

six months earlier

It had been one of those parties where the anticipation certainly outstripped the actuality; where the guys seemed more interested in getting toasted than doing much of anything else, and the bulk of the conversation revolved around the baseball team’s latest activities.  Which, in fairness, were worth celebrating - undefeated all season, they were closing in on the pennant for the first time in half a century, so if the players wanted to let their hair down and get absolutely plastered, good luck to them.

Just do it without me.

I caught Janis’s eye.  “I’m going back to the room.  Coming?”

She nodded.  She’d had her eyes on this one guy all week, and was sure that tonight would be the night she finally got him.  Wrong.  The last time either of us saw him, he was falling face first into one of the pizzas that were scattered around the room, and then staggering drunkenly off towards the rest room.  College parties - you have to love them.

We crossed the campus, took the shortcut around the pool, then climbed the two flights of stairs to the room.  Janis and I had been roomies since we were freshmen, a relationship that worked so well because neither of us had actually wanted to share a room with anyone.  She respected my space, I respected hers, and we wound up sharing almost everything.

Almost?  We didn’t know it, but that was about to change, big time.

Brad Westman lay on my bed.  Brad Westman, the team coach.  Brad Westman, the guy who was responsible for nurturing more up and coming players over the past fifteen years than any other coach in the state.  Forty-something years old, but still built like a teenager.  I think every girl on campus, and that includes half the faculty too, had the hots for him at one time or another, and rumor insisted that a few of them had taken things further than that.

Not that you’d have guessed that from looking at him now.  Slightly unshaven, dishevelled in t-shirt and shorts, he was also passed out drunk.  Very passed out, very drunk.  How he’d even got up to our room, I couldn’t imagine.  Why he was here was even more mystifying.

I nudged him.  “Brad?  Time to wake up.”

He didn’t move.

“Brad?”  I shoved him harder and was rewarded with a light snore.  Behind me, Janis giggled.  “Looks like you’ll be sleeping with somebody, after all.”

I snorted.  “In his dreams,” and then I gasped as Janis stepped over and started unbuttoning Brad’s shorts.  “What, you’re undressing him now?  You’ll be tucking him up under your favorite blanket next.”

She shot me a glance.  “No, but I figured this does give us the chance to check something out.”  And we both burst out laughing because I knew what she was talking about.

College is a small place.  It doesn’t matter how many thousands of students fill the halls, sooner or later you get to hear something about all of them.  And Brad... well, we’d heard lots of things about him, a consequence of his fame and talent.  And the fact that he had the biggest cock on camous.

Or so it was said.

I slapped her hand.  “You can’t do that!  It’s practically rape!”

“I’m only going to peep.”  She continued fumbling with the buttons, then started tugging at the shorts.  It was difficult and, more than once, I was sure Brad was about to wake up.  But he didn’t and suddenly there it was, soft across his thigh in all its... well, rather unremarkable glory.  

“It’s not bad, I suppose,” Janis giggled.  “I was expecting more, though.”

Mentally I compared him to the others I’d seen.  “Give the boy a break.  He’s still soft.”  I knew from experience that some of the saddest softies you’ve ever seen can spring into astonishing life with the right kind of handling, and I guess Janis knew that as well.  For now she had him in her hand, gently palpating his cock with fingers and thumbs, and getting exactly the response she hoped for.

First he thickened; I could see her fist being forced open as he grew, and now he was beginning to lengthen, dwarfing her hand against the flesh that seemed to expand another inch with every sweep of her wrist.  She caught my eye.  “Okay, now I see what the fuss was about,” and I nodded.  He wasn’t huge, in that “oh my god, it’ll never fit” way that you sometimes see in the pornos.  But compared to anyone I’d been with in the past, he was hung like a horse.

Janis was still jerking him, finding a rhythm that was as smooth as it was seductive; I’d never ever seen someone else doing this before, not outside of the movies or the Internet, and I was amazed at just how hot it was making me.  Janis knew that, as well, fixing my eyes with hers as she worked, and then splitting her face with a broad, hungry grin.

“Let’s suck him off.”

I froze.  Her words ... I knew what she said and I knew what she meant.  But my mind refused to acknowledge them.  

“What did you say?”

“I said...” Janis grinned.  “Let’s... suck... him.... mmmmmmmmmmm” and then she was doing it, stretching her mouth around the fat tip of his cock, bobbing her head as she struggled to accommodate him, while her hand continued to jerk him.  Then she reached and took my hand, wrapped my fist around that fat, hard shaft, and now I was milking him into her mouth, I could hear the soft slurps as her saliva soaked his flesh, and I could feel the heat radiating from his cock and balls.

She raised her head, angled his cock towards me.  “Go on.”

In a trance, I leaned forward, let her hand replace mine at the base of my trophy, and traced my tongue over Brad’s spit-slicked knob.  He tasted different to my usual conquests, too; a spicy, heavy taste that sent fresh alarm bells ringing all the way down to my cunt.  My jaw ached as it closed around him but I didn’t care.  Slowly, hungrily, I lowered my head, taking him as deep as I could, not caring that teeth were scraping his flesh, not caring that my gag reflex was dangerously close to twitching.  





Janis’s free hand was on the back of my head, not pushing but holding me, with just enough pressure that I continued to sink down.  I was never going to fit the whole thing in, and the blur of her hand in front my eyes reminded me that I wasn’t even halfway there.  But I held him still for a moment in my jaws, then started to slowly fuck him with my mouth, losing myself in his taste and the texture, the sheer delirious madness of having a man’s cock in my mouth, instead of the usual boys.

My minds eye flashed on the scene; Brad out cold on the bed in my dorm room, Janis jerking while I blew his cock.  We were both still dressed, Janis in her old jeans and a frilly pink tube.  Big earrings.  Me in a white blouse and denim skirt.  Would I have worn something different if I’d known what the night had in store?  Would I ever look at that outfit in the same way again?

Janis’s hand in my hair, brushing it away from my face.  I raised my head.  “Your turn.”  And immediately felt a twinge of unexpected jealousy as she swooped down and took that man so deep that her nose was touching my thumb as I stroked him.  I tried to estimate how much cock she was swallowing, gave up with firm numbers and just registered “a lot.”   She wasn’t going to stop, either.  Her head was bobbing fast, long sweeps up and down his shaft, and my hand moved to the same wonderful rhythm, jerking him into Janis’s mouth, feeling Brad as he grew even harder... was that possible?  Even thicker... ditto!  Even longer... oh my god!  My other hand went to his balls, cupping them as they tightened, and then Janis moaned a long, deep, greedy moan, and now there was a new sound as she frantically tried to swallow his cum, but she couldn’t help lose some as it flooded her mouth and dripped back down his prick, to my fingers.

Then, as I was about to raise my hand to my mouth, to taste the milky mess my best friend had devoured, suddenly she was clamping my head in one hand and pulling me close, kissing my hard and wide mouthed on the lips, sharing her treasure, smearing her cum-drenched tongue against mine, and we fell back on the bed, Brad squashed beneath us, feasting on the sweet, sweet spunk with which he’d filled her mouth.  Feasting on one another as well, and not even caring how we’d feel when it was over.  

Her hand was on my breast, her knee between my legs, and I rode the gentle pressure, rubbing myself against her as our kisses became more tender, and I still wonder what else might have happened if Brad hadn’t suddenly let out a loud snore, and we both collapsed in giggles beside him.

He was soft again now, but still a good size.  Laughing, we tucked his cock back into his shorts, then I buttoned him up as Janis mopped up some stray cum with a tissue.  Then, calm as you like, we walked back down to where the party was still swinging, and asked the last few semi-sober jocks in the room to come and collect their coach.

Which they did, and that was it.  Janis and I went to bed, in our own beds, thank you very much, and although we both had fits of giggles and whispers when we saw Brad out on campus the next day (and for a few more days after that, I’m afraid), neither of us ever mentioned that night again.

Brad, however, was not so polite.

six months later

I was making my way to the student union when Brad suddenly swerved out of one of the offices that line the poster-strewn corridor, and called my name.  “Miss Bentley.  A moment of your time.”

I stopped and followed him into the office, closing the door behind me. The events of that night were not even on my mind; Brad was always around the campus and our paths had crossed so many times before, and I had no doubt whatsoever that he was oblivious to what had happened.

He sat down hard on the old oak desk, and gestured me to sit - and yeah, I could say that I noticed that my face was now eye level with his crotch.  But I didn’t.

The end of the season was upon us, he wanted to talk through a few of the ceremonies that were being set up to celebrate the all-conquering giants.  I wrote occasionally for the college newspaper, and was part of the team that had set up its website, too.  Would it be possible, he asked, to embed some video of the season’s highlights... and talking of video, had I seen this?



“Where... what... when.....”

I couldn’t even frame a couple of words, let alone a question, a sentence, a denial, an explanation.  All I could do was stare as his iPad buffered and whirred, and then flickered into HD life, every moment of every thing that Janis and I had done with him.  Every word.  Every slurp.  Every suck.

His eyes never left my face; and thank you Brad for not even smirking at the sight of my mouth opening and closing in mute horror.

Finally, I found some words.  “I’m... sorry?”

He laughed.

“What for?”

I stared at him blankly, and his mouth creased into a wide smile.  “Two beautiful girls suck my cock, and then one of them apologizes.  That’s a first.”

“But.... you were sleeping.  We shouldn’t have... oh shit...” and so on, babbling and beginning to cry now, and then he folded me in his arms.  “”What do you think I was doing in your room in the first place?”

“You were drunk.  You needed somewhere to crash.”

He shook his head.  “No, I wanted to see you.  And I did.”

He paused the video... forwarded through a few minutes.  “Look.”

I looked.  There I was, crouched down and sucking.  There was Janis, laughing and jerking.  And there was Brad, eyes open watching us, then turning towards the door... turning towards the friend who was standing there preserving the scene on his cell, and giving a broad smile and a thumb’s up.

“Jerry was meant to come in with me, and we were going to take you two ladies out for a drink.  He was late, and I was just resting... and then you two came in and - well, you know the rest.”

“So Jerry filmed it?”

“Jerry films everything.”  Of course he does.  He teaches film class.

“It’s okay, nobody else knows.  And this is the only copy of the file in existence... unless you want me to make you one?”

I shook my head.  “So Jerry...” I began, but Brad interrupted me.  “Jerry won’t say a word.  In fact, if you want to ask him yourself, his office is just down the hall.”

I shook my head.  “Maybe later...” and then collected myself.  “Maybe the four of us should get together and - well, it sounds like you owe Janis and I an evening out.”

Except Janis couldn’t make it because her boyfriend wanted to see her, so I went out with the pair of them alone.  And back at Jerry’s apartment, surrounded by so many cameras and machines that he could have been filming us from every angle on earth, the two hottest guys in faculty fucked me six ways till Christmas, and then shot their hot loads on my face.

And I discovered something else.

Brad did not have the biggest cock on campus.

Jerry did.

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